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Photos: Gay Marriage Day

Same Sex Couple © Matt Dunn 2010
Cuc Vue Shows Off Ring © Matt Dunn
Counter Protester © Matt Dunn
Love Wins © Matt Dunn
See more photos from this morning here.

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  • Hard to Stomach

    The woman with the locks, Mosley I believe...first African-American female photographer for WAPO

  • Rick Mangus

    I also think that she was Offical White House Photographer under President Clinton.

  • Rick Mangus

    Also, out of all of those photos of NORMAL GAY CITIZENS on their day of happyiness, the ONLY weirdos I see are the band of inbreeds from Kansas!

  • Proud to Live in DC

    Please post more pictures!

  • Hard to Stomach

    @Rick you have her confused with Sharon Farmer that was the official white house photog under Clinton

  • cminus

    According to DCist, the woman with the dreadlocks is Candy Holmes, of Laurel, Maryland. The caption says that she and her partner Darlene Garner were the sixth couple in line and have been together for 14 years.

  • Mike

    Excellent series.

  • Elliot in NY

    Wow, Shirley's got 4 signs at once going there. Guess she's running out of brainwashed bigots to hold her signs for her.

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  • B John

    I still want to know where these people get their money. They obviously don't have real jobs, and they appear able to travel way more often I can. So the bill is not being covered by a few old folks sending in a portion of their Social Security check (most of that goes to Pat Robertson anyways).

    Someone is kicking some cash their way. We need to expose who that is. That's the real story behind this group.

  • chickenbot

    That kid with the "God Hates Fags" sign needs to be taken from his parents and put into foster care. It's shameful what he's being taught.


    The Washington City Paper removed my comment about homosexuals and gay marriage. Myself and others have said worse things on this blog and no one's comments are removed. It's obvious, the Washington City Paper is staff by white gay males and if you speak out against homosexuality, your comments will be removed. I find many white gay males to be racist SOB's. Because some one is white and gay, this doesn't mean the aren't a racist and have the same racist feelings as their forefathers (slave owners).