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Morning Roundup: The ‘They Can’t Take My Dignity’ Edition

35753074_40220dc893Morning, all!

Big news of yesterday: Marion Barry was censured.

Big news of today: Marion Barry was censured yesterday.

Big news of tomorrow: Marion Barry was censured earlier this week.

And not only censured. The D.C. Council also voted to strip him of his committee chairmanship and refer the findings of the Bennett Report to a criminal prosecutor. Can you say "consequences"?

In Webster's New World College Dictionary (Fourth Edition), under the "consequence" entry, there is a definition not just for that word, but for the phrase "take the consequences." It means "to accept the results of one's actions."

Barry wasn't so much into taking the consequences. He had this (and more) to say at the John A. Wilson Building yesterday afternoon: "How can I be accused of breaking something that doesn't exist?" And: "You punished Marion Barry on the words of one person." And: "The people of Ward 8 are going to get more out of me than ever before." And: "I'm still gonna work. I'm the jobs czar in this town."

Last night, when he delivered his State of the Ward address at Matthews Memorial Baptist Church (pastors first prayed for him and anointed him with oil), Barry added some more: "I'm not gonna let anyone or anything turn me around." And: "They may take my committee chair, but they can't take my dignity."

I won't fill up any more space here by repeating anything else, that shall be Loose Lips' job (hope you've been following his live-tweeting). The Morning Roundup must move on.

To Gay Marriage Day! Right here in the District! City Paper will of course have full coverage of the goings-on down at D.C. Superior Court, where we expect to run into the ever-thoughtful Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps. By the way, here are the Sexist's Gay Marriage Day guidelines and a little gay marriage limerick, for good measure.

One more thing, because there's always one more thing: The Smithsonian announced yesterday that it has NO GODDAMN INTEREST ARE YOU KIDDING ME? in accepting as a donation the suit O.J. Simpson wore on the day he was acquitted—the so-called "acquittal suit." Earlier in the week, it was reported that a Great Compromise had been reached in a dispute over that suit. Who knew there were people who actually cared about it?

Lawyers for O.J., who is presently in jail in case you had forgotten, though I can't see how you would've because it's so nice to think about him rotting there (though maybe he isn't rotting?), and Fred Goldman, whose son Ronald was murdered in 1994 along with O.J.'s ex-wife, Nicole, had both laid claim to the suit. But they decided to finally put aside their differences in the name of, you know, something greater than themselves—namely, the American people. Somehow, they thought it would be normal for this suit to appear in a glass case in the same institution that displays the original Star-Spangled Banner and a piece of Route 66.

Note: not normal.

Happy hump day. Go get married!

Photo by emdot, Creative Commons Attribution License

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  • hymesb

    No, I can't say consequences.

    Not until they pass legislation conserning the earmarks. You know, the grease that they all use. The mechanism that the Bennet report said is ripe for abuse.

    So, is the Council going to neuter it self for the sake of transparency? Or will they throw the old man under the bus and keep the power of the pork?

  • cminus

    I thought they declared that there would be no earmarks in the next budget, and passed a resolution on any future earmarks adopting Bennett's second choice suggestion -- the "if you have to have earmarks, this is what you should do to make them transparent and subject to oversight" alternative.

  • ashame

    know your facts. not all Councilmembers use earmarks.

  • hymesb


    Read my post. I didn't say that they all did.

    Also, save the hair-splitting. No ear-marks in next years budget is not the same as no more ear-marks. Changing rules for earmarks isn't the same as eliminating them either.

    So, are they going to eliminate them or what? Or, are they going to keep the power of the pork (even if they wait until the election cycle is over to use it.)

  • cminus

    Hymesb, I thought you were asking when they were going to "pass legislation conserning the earmarks", which they did. And if I understood Gray's opening statement, it contains the recommendations that Bennett said would be workable, if not ideal, for curbing abuses. If you want them to ban all earmarks -- which I wish they would do -- then say so. But it's not fair to say they made no effort to tackle the issue.

    (I also thought you said earmarks were "the grease that they all use", which sounds to me like you were saying that all the members of the Council use earmarks. But I get the feeling that at least one of us has gotten lost somewhere between what you meant to say and what you actually wrote.)

  • hymesb

    I didn't get lost. I wasn't clear the first time.

    Yes, it was an overstatment to say that they all do.

    I should have been more specific and said all the backroom dealers on the council. That would exclude people on the council that are not prone to getting kickbacks from non-profits or discounted home repairs from government contractors without permits.

    And, I shouldn't have said pass legislation. I should have jumped on the grandstand that Gray obviously forgot is there by demanding "emergency legislation banning all future ear-marks and ending the toxic atmosphere brought about by an arrogant and out of touch legislature." Or maybe Mary Cheh's "to what end...does this lawless legislature continually pilfer the resources of our most desperate citizens."

    Really, Gray, like everyone and thier mother, knew that Barry is shady. But he never had the interest to call him out. Only a national media incident involving Oral Sex and restraining orders pushed the council into looking at themselves.

    If not for that, Barry would be sitting right next to Gray calling Fenty a liar and thief. Like best buddys. Everyone smiling thier "holier-than-thou" smiles and acting non the wiser. Like they have done for the last three years.

  • Q!

    Touche' Advantage hymesb! Your serve cminus.

  • Rick Mangus

    It's time to throw-out the trash, and I'm not just talking about Barry.

    Remember it's an election year!

  • The Debutante

    Rick, you are always on point! yes..lets take out the trash!