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Our Morning Roundup: Did Barry’s Nonprofits Help You?

Some of City Desk's loyal readers have protested in the comments that we've been writing and reporting too much on the Barry scandal. Yesterday alone, we produced a strong post on ANC Commissioners' reactions to the Bennett Report, interviewed local jewelry merchants on just how Barry could call giving jewelry a "loan," and the news that the D.C. Council will severely punish Barry today. But here's what we still don't know: Who—besides Barry's cronies—benefited from those fishy nonprofits that he helped set up?

Let's crowd source this! Did any of you all ever receive assistance or any kind of uplift from the Ward 8 Health Council, Clean and Sober, Inc., Ward 8 Education, Clean and Green, the Workforce Development Council, or the Youth Leadership Council? I have yet to meet, let alone hear from anyone who attended any of these groups' meetings or received any kind of assistance from these organizations. In order for these entities to be real, functioning nonprofits, at least one District resident must be familiar with these groups beyond the Barry loyalists.

Please step forward. Act fast! The Council is set to rule on Barry by this afternoon.

After the jump, big development news!

The 42 notes the closing of West Elm's downtown location. Like the 42, West Elm's high-end take on IKEA was way out of our price range.

The DC Fiscal Policy Institute highlights two very troubling bills on the Council's agenda today. And they're not talking about Barry.

The Sexist reports on another reason to hate the Catholic Church.

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  • The Advoc8te

    I haven't heard of any one person who even heard of these councils let alone benefitted from them before they hit the paper for the earmarks scandal. I had recieved an email from Brenda Richardson on behalf of Barry "that I had been identified as a community leader" and have been invited to join the executive board of one of the councils. Needless to say I declined - it was not a hard decision.

  • Alleged Whistleblower

    I was the Program Director of Ward 8 Youth Leadership and Clean and Sober Council. If you go to my website you will see that in spite of them firing me, I continued to perform the work assigned. Also, like I posted before, I stand inspection. The Narcotics Anonymous meeting that I founded, Let Go & Let God group started march 1, 2009 and we celebrated one year yesterday, March 1, 2010. We see 3000 people a month which equals 100 people or more a day. WHen 'they' took the money and ran, I continued to struggle with rent, supplies, coffee and tea. But God is good, we are growing and standing strong. Also, I have youth that I still work with and last summer after 'they' fired me, I Supervised fifty youth for a Summer Job experience at Operation Hope, created five documentaries that featured youth and had an Award Ceremony that was supposed to be named for Vincent Gray, but when he pulled support from the youth after the article broke, he declined to be involved. So yes, there are people like me and others that continues to "make it happen" and no I did not benefit fiscally from those rip-off non-profit but "they" did sign my name and what's supposed to be my son's name to at least four Articles of Incorporation.

  • sedcdude


  • Indeed

    I have been to several workforce development council meetings. I can assure you that they are quite real. Effective? That's a different story. But they did try.

  • StopShadyNonprofits


    Brenda Richardson wrote or shall I say copied the Articles of Incorporation along with the Bylaws from the ECC (Earth Conservation Corporation) (Side note she still has an office over at the ECC. Tanya Blue was a friend that she worked with there.) Ask Brenda Richardson and Tanya Blue about their shady friend Willie? Brenda was prosecuted in 2007 for FRAUD and shady business dealings with Willie. Being money hungry is not something new for Brenda. But lets get back on topic! Brenda copied the Articles of Incorporation along with the Bylaws for most if not all of the nonprofits. She then had Bunn notarize them. She forged your signature in addition to many others to meet the deadlines so she could continue to collect the earmarks. Im sure you know Robert James, Barry's longtime friend. Brenda forged his signature also. The CM was fully aware of everything remember " The CM made me do it!"

    Food For Thought!
    @ allegedwhistleblower and @theadvoc8te

    Have either of you had the opportunity to call Congress Heights Main Streets (202) 562-1405 you would think that with a 240k grant they wouldn't be getting evicted from there office space and behind on all there expenses and utility bills. Ask James Bunn why he's paying for some there expenses out of pocket and then reimbursing himself with earmarks? Bunn and Brenda are trying to go through one of the board members who works for Giant to get a 5k grant (from Giant). Now ask yourself why would an organization that received 240k in earmarks be behind on their expenses in the process of being evicted by the end of the month and without an Executive Director but in dire need of a 5,000 donation if the organization is managing their money and serving their community?

    Everyone!! Here is our hard earned money at work. Please pass this information to all your family and friends!

  • The Advoc8te


    You know all the scoop! PREACH!

    I called CHMS in January when they were advertising an Executive Director position and left a voicemail for James Bunn and never got a call back. I wasn't surprised at all. I think my repretation as someone who will expose fraud has now preceeded me - a good thing in my book.

    Great questions - why are they gettin evicted? Where (or in whoms pocket) did the money go? I dont think one business in Congress Heights as benefited from the grant - nothing I have seen. I could have done 10 times more with a 1/10 of the budget.

  • Rick Mangus