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Liveblog: Barry Slams “Inconsistencies” In Bennett Report

Embattled Ward 8 Councilmember Marion S. Barry Jr. is on the D.C. Council dais right now, fighting for his political life.

He just blasted the Bennett Report for "inconsistencies."

Now: He's mumbling about a process that "singled me out." "I'm sure, Mr. Chairman, that don't want your legacy that you" punished Marion Barry.

"You don't want to be known as the person who took Mr. Barry's due process away."

Barry just said how much he loves Chairman Vince Gray. Ended by saying this whole thing is "unfortunate."

Gray asks what Barry meant when referring to "double standard." Barry responds that the council took a different action toward Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham when he landed in hot water via the troubles of his chief of staff, Ted Loza. Barry's complaining that he's getting harsher treatment.

Barry says issue of conflict of interest has "not been resolved." Can't base conclusions based on something that hasn't been resolved.

Gray asks for further discussion.

Vote on resolution: Unanimous. Barry recused himself.

Now they're talking about a resolution about policies on censuring councilmembers. Procedural stuff.

Ooo, now it's getting a bit interesting. Gray just outlined some procedures for censuring councilmembers, and Barry's asking some prickly questions about the whole thing. Barry's talking about his "reading of Robert's Rules" of Order and how it's situated vis-a-vis due process and so on. Getting a bit tense here. Gray is saying that there's a high degree of "congruence" between what they did in censuring Barry and what the new policies would outline. So Gray's saying that the censure of Barry proceeded very fairly today.

Barry is seizing upon this discussion to launch into another defense of his record and his place on the council. Here are some great little moments:

"I think I've been done a big injustice....[Despite being stripped of a committee chair], I'm still gonna work. I'm the jobs czar in this town....I'm going to every meeting," he said, going into an explanation of how hard he'll work to make sure that jobs are created, that employers are working on projects and so on. "In fact, I might be more effective at that than I was....I'm not at all down or dismayed about it. I've fought injustice all my life....The people of Ward 8 are going to get more out of me than ever before."

Yvette Alexander: Says she's excited and happy that Barry is still "motivated."

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  • Woodley Parker

    Watching right now. Unbelievable.

  • Tom

    Wow, Alexander dropped the bomb question

  • Alleged Whistleblower

    Marion should have been doing this all alone working for the people. This is a prime statement to some of the disillusioned folk in Ward 8 about working harder. We will see. SOmeone ask me how much Marion Barry, Brenda Richardson and some of his staff cost?

    The answer is $65,000.00.

    That is all I was due for being the Project Director of two Councils. None of this would have ever come out had they given me my paycheck that I worked for.

    This is a shame and a scandal.

    Disgrace, shame, and disrespect. All for some damn money.

    No one would have been the wiser if they had paid me my hard earned money, I would have never went to the DC Council about me not getting paid, which prompted the investigation into Ward 8 earmarks.

    What a shame. And Marion threatened me saying on February 23, 2009, "If you go and say anything else to the Council, you will regret it. You will have to live in this town. people know me they don't know you". Well marion your legacy, you and the whole thieving bunch of you will be soon forgotten and I will be known as the women who saved DC from corruption. I am so proud of myself. God Bless America.....And it ain't over. The criminal proceeding are next!

  • StopShadyNonprofits

    Brenda Richardson wrote or shall I say copied the Articles of Incorporation along with the Bylaws from the ECC (Earth Conservation Corporation) (Side note she still has an office over at the ECC. Tanya Blue was a friend that she worked with there.) Ask Brenda Richardson and Tanya Blue about their shady friend Willie? Brenda was prosecuted in 2007 for FRAUD and shady business dealings with Willie. Being money hungry is not something new for Brenda. But lets get back on topic! Brenda copied the Articles of Incorporation along with the Bylaws for most if not all of the nonprofits. She then had Bunn notarize them. She forged your signature in addition to many others to meet the deadlines so she could continue to collect the earmarks. Im sure you know Robert James, Barry's longtime friend. Brenda forged his signature also. The CM was fully aware of everything remember " The CM made me do it!"

    Food For Thought!

    Have you had the opportunity to call Congress Heights Main Streets (202) 562-1405 you would think that with a 240k grant they wouldn't be getting evicted from there office space and behind on all there expenses and utility bills. Ask James Bunn why he's paying for some there expenses out of pocket and then reimbursing himself with earmarks? Bunn and Brenda are trying to go through one of the board members who works for Giant to get a 5k grant (from Giant). Now ask yourself why would an organization that received 240k in earmarks be behind on their expenses in the process of being evicted by the end of the month and without an Executive Director but in dire need of a 5,000 donation if the organization is managing their money and serving their community?

    Everyone!! Here is our hard earned money at work. Please pass this information to all your family and friends!

  • Truth Hurts

    Sounds like Barry was telling "one city" to step off. Translation :"Mr. Chairman, if you wanna be mayor, you best not be doing your homie like this. I ain't saying nothin, but don't forget we go waaay back, know what I'm saying? Sometimes stress triggers flashbacks about some shady shit. Not sure if those flashback memories are real or if I'm just dreaming, know what I'm saying? And by the way, member Graham, sometimes I see your face in them dreams, so don't be lookin so smug, know what I'm saying?

  • Fred

    I'm listening to Erik now on Kojo from Monday. Bias/opinion discussion -- yawner. Erik, listening to your voice, the only thing I can say is that the sartorial equivalent is some dude slouching, with pants half down his ass. This is not entirely your fault, I'm sure. It's partly generational - like you're just too cool to always enunciate and speak up. It's like you're speaking from the back of your throat.

    You're probably not that surprised by my opinion, but this ain't the most scintillating of discussions.

    OMG, the bias discussion won't end!!!

    Kojo does a great job covering local news, if by great job you mean dancing around an issue.