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District Limerick: It’s (Almost) Gay Marriage Day!

Tomorrow: a righting of wrong
(Despite this attempt to prolong)
Three days 'til your vow
But licenses now!
The court is expecting a throng

For all of you folks getting hitched
Your tents, are they already pitched?
Room 4-4-8-5
Will soon come alive
When laws in the District are switched

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  • Publius

    When marriage goes gay in DC,
    Oh what a grand flap it will be.
    The wing nuts will drool
    And decry our Home Rule
    For condoning homosexuality.

  • Q!

    On said day March 3rd 2010
    The New laws in DC will begin
    Where gays can now marry
    Despite Marion Barry
    and pleas to force an injunction.

    Catania is grinning you see
    'Cause gay marriage has come to be
    Now he's passing out cupcakes
    To cover his mistakes
    Can this keep him in office, We'll see.

    Now this legislation will cause some to boast
    And cause many a limerick to post
    About victory, long and hard
    When rights and marriage was marred
    Does this now make gays more equal than most?

  • emellgee

    Neither district or marriage have rhymes,
    making writing this rather hard times,
    but instead of going meta,
    It's clear that I betta,
    just celebrate gay wedding chimes