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Weekend in Review—Silver Medal Edition

We'll read plenty of accounts about how well Team USA played in the Olympic puck tourney. And the goal that sent yesterday's gold-medal game against Canada into overtime was indeed one for the ages.

But here's what I am taking away: Let's move to 4-on-4 hockey full time. That's how the teams deployed in the overtime round in yesterday's game, and I found the more-open play to be exhilarating, not that that quality was in short supply in the final period or at other points in the game. It's just a little less crowded in the crease.

Moving to a consistent obsession of WIR, hey, where's my WaPo ombo column this week?

Post goes mathematical on the winter of all winters. The highlight of the presentation is this number:1,275,993. It's the total number of snow days enjoyed by students in the MoCo public schools. Could have an astounding impact on county SAT scores next year.

On other fronts, Colbert's kinda pissed at President Obama for failing to heed his advice of last year. OK, fine point perhaps, but I. King: Please give me some D.C. stuff. This whole federal thing doesn't sit in your wheelhouse!

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  • Alex B.

    Or, they could just play Olympic hockey on an Olympic ice sheet. The extra 15 feet of width makes a big difference.

    I totally understand why they kept the rinks at 200 x 85 for these games, it makes complete financial sense - but part of what makes the Olympics great is seeing those skilled players going end to end on 200 x 100 ice.

  • IMGoph

    agreed, alex b.. i was confused as hell when i turned on the game and saw them playing on NHL ice instead of olympic ice.