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Dear Good People at the Omni Shoreham: Please Shovel This Part of the Bike Path

This trail's functionality is almost certainly not your responsibility, but it's difficult to portage past this stuff, and it was the only weak link on my first ride to work in three weeks. Thank you for your consideration of what many would consider a mitzvah.


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    Get a shovel and do it yourself.

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    It's not the the job of the Omni Shoreham, it's the U.S. Park Sevice, go bitch at them, or take Skipper's advice and shovel it yourself!

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    1) No shovel attachment on bike. 2) Yes, I realize that. I'm asking for a favor!

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    "No shovel attachment on bike"

    That's funny, because the average DC cyclist is usually shoveling a lot of something around here. I guess it's a single-use shovel.

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    Strap shovel on like a man. Bike to the blocked path. Clear path with said shovel. Quit whining and asking others to do crap for you because you're too lazy to do it yourself.

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    If a mitzvah is the same as "a plea because I'm too goddamn lazy to shovel it or go off trail for 5 seconds" then yes, it is a mitzvah

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    A shovel would have a negative impact on my timed rides, so I'm not strapping a shovel on. Also it's a pretty small frame, and I think the metal part might knock against my water bottle. That's the kind of noise that can drive you nuts!

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    Scoreboard for coping in the snowstorm aftermath:

    Old lady in wheelchair shoveling out bus stop: 1

    Whiny lycralosers: 0

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    Beaujon: you're more of a douche than I could even imagine. They should fire your butt for frivolous stupidity.

  10. #10

    I don't wear lycra! It's too constraining.

  11. #11

    Lycra wicks away sweat. It's very useful for high-impact exercise like shoveling snow.

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    That's a bike path? I doubt it.

  13. #13

    Good god! You're more of a whiner than the whiny dweebs on Greater Greater Washington. At least those geeks would use some economics terms to explain why someone else should shovel bike paths for them.

  14. #14

    @Skipper: +10. Most concise, accurate description of GGW I've ever seen.

  15. #15

    We'll do it. As good neighbors, we will send a couple of guys to take care of it today...happy biking/walking...Thanks for reaching out-The Omni Shoreham

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    Cyclist - see the road next to the blocked path. Try using that. Cyclists block the road on Rock Creek Park nearly every time I drive it. What makes you less of an asshole?

  17. #17

    Hmmm...I don't see any of you douchebags volunteering to shovel out the beltway.

  18. #18

    "Cyclists block the road in rock creek?"

    OMG. Yes it's time to take back the trail, and remove all motorized vehicles from the park every day of the year.

  19. #19

    Things don't get better without whiners. Kudos to Omni Shoreham. Ignore the haters.

  20. #20

    Wow, Andrew, you're comments brought out all of the assholes. That's amazing! Can you do the same at C's school's PTA?

  21. #21

    No get cyclists off the TRAILS and onto the roads, where they belong. I hate the cyclists zooming through RCP. Obnoxion.

  22. #22

    OK, just gotta interject in all the (well-deserved) biker-douchebagerie-hating to say "Thanks, Omni Shoreham dude!"

    [And yeah, I'm a bike rider too. I just can't stand the local cyclist culture.]

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