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Brauchli and Quinn: Anatomy of a Kill

It's not clear whether Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli and Sally Quinn met face to face to discuss the killing of her column, "The Party." In a statement to City Desk, Brauchli said only that he and Quinn had "agreed" that the column would move from the print edition to online-only.

The possibility that Brauchli and Quinn could have BlackBerried their way through this embarrassing episode, however, isn't going to stop the Washington City Paper Reenactors from putting their own spin on things.

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  • Dave

    Hmm... I kept waiting for Quinn to call Brauchli a cocksucker, and Brauchli to respond with his fists. Didn't happen. Zzzzzzz.

    Stick to fight reenactments, CP Players!

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  • WardQueen

    Pretty lame! The girl doesn't even comprehend the level of evil much less convey it. This detracted from you coverage of this issue, it did not enhance it.