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Breaking: Could “The Party” Be Over?

Update 2:28: Newsroom rumors are running fierce right now. But it's tough to nail any sort of confirmation on where the column stands. Will keep pounding.

Update 1:45: Have made several calls to the very top crust of Post newsroom management. No one is responding just yet. Have sent an e-mail and placed a phone call to Marcus Brauchli, exec-editor of the paper and father of the famous Brauchli Doctrine. He's apparently tied up in meetings till after 4 p.m., which could mean that he's just really busy or that's a ruse! to disguise another episode of the Brauchli Doctrine.

A newsroom source at the Washington Post has just confirmed that the very survival of Sally Quinn's dreadful column, "The Party," has been the topic of several high-level discussions at the paper this week. The talks follow a column penned by Quinn last Friday, in which she laid out all the reasons for a wedding-scheduling snafu in her family. The column was a response to some negative stories written about how the date of the wedding of Quinn's son, Bradlee Quinn Quinn Bradlee, coincided with that of Quinn's husband's granddaughter. A decision on the fate of the column has reportedly escalated all the way to Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. We're headed there now.

We will have more very soon.

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  • asketo

    Her son's name is Quinn Bradlee, not Bradlee Quinn. Yes, confusing.

  • Princess Sparkle Pony

    Hey Erik, if she ends up getting booted from the Post, you could hire her to do a column at your new job! Fun!

  • Erik Wemple

    Thanks so much for the heads up, asketo. Made the fix, via strikethrough.

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  • Mike DeBonis

    Also it's 'ruse' not 'rouse'

  • Wrong Number

    The column? Lance the boil Ms. Weymouth, fire her ass altogether!

  • ManOpener

    Elena Ceaucescu was a nicer person then Sally Quinn! If Dick Cheney dies it will be a perfect day.
    Let's see how long Baby Mama Yoga hangs on now that ol' Sally is a public farce again.

  • remembers when the post was a real paper

    This could be an answer to my prayers! Such an embarrassment to the Post that it was ever conceived.

  • MN

    So if they fire her, shouldn't they also fire George Will for that column a year or two ago about how he does not ever every wear blue jeans?

  • A

    Now she can go back to her first love, chawing down on old guys.

  • Stuart

    Good riddance.

  • Karen

    Never happen. Every time she writes one of those dreadful columns, the Post gets tons of hits. The columns are the only thing keeping the Post alive!

  • SoCali

    Now she's caterwauling in WaPo about God being the "Punisher of Children" so they haven'y fired her ass yet. My bet this is some way to allay her guilt/concerns about velocardiofacial syndrome (being related to fetal alcohol syndrome and/or syphillis.

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  • dweb embarrassment to the Post?

    Methinks the Post is beyond embarrassment when they provide a continuing home to La Quinn, Palin idolator David Broder and global warming denier and shill George Will while canning Dan Froomkin. Hell even when Will is shown to be using lies to support his arguments, the paper continues to provide him space.

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  • glogrrl

    Boo Hoo.

  • thefrontpage

    This column, and her other writings, have been just plain terrible lately--unprofessional, dumb, stupid, amateurish, and relevant to absolutely no one. Her column, her political crap, and her religiouos crap do not belong in the Post. She needs to take a long break from writing--or get her own blog, which no one will read.

    But her stuff should not be in the Post.