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Anthony Motley Wants His Car Back From Marion Barry

LL was finally able to clear up with Anthony J. Motley today why embattled Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's been tooling around in a 1997 Mercedes registered in his name.

"It's my car," he says. And Barry's driving it, essentially, as a loaner.

It's happened on two occasions, once when Barry own Mercedes broke down some years ago, and more recently when Barry "blew his engine" in a BMW he owns.

Motley addressed the matter today at a press conference he called to address allegations made against him in Robert S. Bennett's report on council contracts and earmarks. The report's cast a long shadow over Barry, who is Motley's patron, close associate, and a key supporter of his current at-large council run. (More on Motley's response later.)

Turns out Barry exercises the same care regarding automobile upkeep that he exercises in upholding ethical standards. Said Motley, "You know why he blew the engine?" Because he didn't service it properly."

But Motley says that Barry has been doing a decent job maintaining the loaner Mercedes—maintenance is the only thing Barry's required to do in exchange for the loaner—but the mayor-for-life is wearing out Motley's patience.

"I'd like to have it back," says Motley, who says he's driving a 2005 Honda Accord in the interim. Last week, he says, Barry told him his BMW would be out of the shop soon.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Anothony J. Motley, are you stupid?

  • Rick Mangus

    Another question, Was this a crack rental?

  • dcresident

    Shouldn't Barry have a boot on is car with all those parking tickets? Run his tags through DC DMV online system: CU5768

  • LOL

    somebody needs to park a little better.

  • Truth

    In Barry's defense (parking tickets only), each councilmember gets a placard with their council position to use on the occassions when they are performing council duties in a vehicle other than their registered vechicle. If Mr. Barry (like all councilmembers) writes a statement that received the tickets while performing official business, the tickets are usually dismissed. Stating that, tickets issued after 10:00 PM are hard to justify as Council business.
    It's not easy getting to several appointment throughout the city during the day, and finding a legal parking place directly in front of the event or meeting place is an impossibility. TO put it in perspective, ANC Reps have the same parking placards.

  • Truth

    excuse the typos

  • Anne-Marie

    Actually the ANC placards only allow you to park at the meter without paying, not to park illegally, at least that's what they say on them.

  • john cook

    Parking placard? Reminds me of the time when Barry as mayor "visited" an after - hours club in northeast DC. He and the entourage were so drunked up the driver parked alongside the building with the rear of the car overhanding the railroad tracks.

    While Barry was inside, grabbing and feeling, a northbound freight came along and, recognizing the mayor's mode of transportation, notched the unit to '8' and sliced the car in two, carrying off the trunk into the night.

    The next morning, an aide called the railroad to complain about the incident, only to be told "sorry, you must be mistaken. We didn't have any freights go through there last night."

    So much for the Barry legacy!