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The Snowball Assault Case Updated!

With the snow mostly melted,  all that's left is a court case. On Feb. 10, Maria Lewis was arrested for assaulting a D.C. cop with a snowball outside Wonderland. Lewis was eventually charged with a misdemeanor assault on Officer Lynn Pittmon.

The police filed their own narrative of events in D.C. Superior Court. It does not portray Lewis as a victim of circumstances, an innocent swept up by events. It portrays Lewis as armed, dangerous, drunk, and sneaky.

Just after 2 a.m., officers received a call for disorderly conduct—the snowball fight—in progress along 11th Street outside Wonderland. An officer, possibly Pittmon's partner, writes of the event in court papers:

"Upon arrive to the scene I, along with [Pittmon] were struck repeatedly with snow and ice filled missile's while still seated inside of a marked police vehicle by multiple assailants."

After exiting their cruiser, Lewis struck Pittmon "in the chest with a snow and ice filled missile with intent and audacity, and in apparent drunk and disorderly state."

The officer goes on to state that Lewis "then attempted to elude the police by hiding in the crowd and swiftly walking northbound on 11th St. I pursued [Lewis] on foot and as I attempted to apprehend and place [Lewis] under arrest, [Lewis] repeatedly resisted arrest."

Lewis was eventually handcuffed, placed under arrest, and transported to the Third District. She then gave her name and date of birth. She refused to tell the police her social security number. She was then transferred to Central Cellblock for processing.

The next hearing in the case is in early March.

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  • Rick Mangus

    Put her ass in JAIL!!!!!!

  • Sigmund Freud

    What about the first snowball case -- is Lanier ever going to release the findings on that debacle?? Or does she think people will forget?? Mike or Jason, Please get us the goods.

  • Terry Miller

    The police account has no real facts though. It says she appeared to be drunk in a drunk and disorderly state. How did he reached that conclusion? Was she staggering, smelled of alcohol, etc. It says she resisted arrest, but now how. This does not look like it will stand up in court.

  • ANC 1A06

    Let's see, let the patrons of the local establishment(which I sometimes frequent) perpetually create alcohol-fueled disturbances at 2-3AM in a primarily residential neighborhood..., or organize the community to protest the renewal of their ABRA license. My point being, there has to be some common ground. Neither of the two options are acceptable to me, but if I had to choose...take a wild guess. -ANC1A06

  • cminus

    It portrays Lewis as armed, dangerous, drunk, and sneaky.

    Am I wrong to find that kind of a turn-on?

  • frgerg

    Wait, I thought she was accused of hitting someone entirely different with a snowball?

  • Free Maria!

    a month ago, just after the incident:
    "One officer rolls down his window to get a better look at what's going on. He watches a woman hurl a snow ball at his window. The snowball strikes him in the face. "It was snow packed with ice," Kishter says. "It was like a missile.... Almost like a rock.""

    So now he was hit IN THE CHEST with a snowball, after having gotten out of the car? This is entirely different circumstances, made up after the fact. This cop is a joke. Drop the case.

  • Forthepeople

    Pedro Petrovic is an innocent man! Stop the injustice of prosecuting an innocent man.
    Send your support and prayers at