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Key Fenty Supporter Judith Terra Is ‘Keeping Options Open’ for 2010

0222terraA juicy little nugget was nestled in the Washington Post's Reliable Source column this morning: D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray was spotted dining in Georgetown Saturday with Virginia Hayes Williams (mother of ex-mayor Tony) and socialite and philanthropist Judith Terra.

Terra's name lands with a thud—she, after all, was one of Fenty's earliest supporters, hosting fundraisers for him at her mansion, dubbed White Oak. She said of Fenty in 2006 2005, "[T]here are just times when you come across individuals…that you know are destined to do great things. I felt that way when I met Martin Luther King Jr. in 2005 1960. He just walked into the room and mesmerized the room. And Adrian is very much that way."

Could Terra have turned on her chosen one?

LL asked Terra this afternoon about the weekend rendezvous with Gray, and what it indicates: "I think it indicates that I really wanted to get a sense of the man," she said. "I think he's remarkable. I think, like everybody in the city, have been watching how he's been handling things as chairman of the council, and I've been very impressed."

Any issues in particular that Gray's handled well? "I'd rather not answer that at the moment," Terra says.

LL proceeded to inquire as to whether her ardor for Citizen Fenty has cooled since 2006: "I think he's a good man...but I want to keep my options open in terms of what's best for the city and its people...but I do want to see this city become a shining city on a hill, as they say."

Notably, Terra also has yet to make a donation to Fenty's 2010 campaign—let alone host a fundraiser for him. An early Terra-hosted event for Fenty raised $35,000 for his nascent campaign in 2005; these days, with more than $3 million in the bank, that would be a drop in the bucket for Hizzoner. Still, Terra's defection would indicate a embarrassing crack in the Ward 4 base that launched Fenty to two council terms and the mayoralty.

Moreover, Terra's embrace of the 67-year-old Gray would counter her record of supporting young up-and-comers. (She's also hosted events for fresh-faced council candidates Adam Clampitt and Clark Ray.)

Terra declined to get into any specifics about the mayor's performance. "I feel very positive in terms of what I want to see happen to this city and its people," she said. "I just would like to see one city that's working together, and we can really make it happen."

Hmm, "one city." Isn't that Gray's political motto?

"Exactly," Terra said. "It appeals to me very much."

Photo of Terra by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Deanwoodenizen

    I hope Ms. Terra's meeting with MLK Jr. was NOT in 2005; that's very Shirley MacLaine-esque. Maybe MLK III? That's still a bit incredulous though because MLK III isn't that dynamic.

  • Mike

    If the CityPaer needs a editor, I would be more then willingy to work for you. I'm currently attending Bowie State University as a Junior, I'm available on a part time basis; can work 16-20 hours. I would accept 6 dollars an hour as compensation.

  • Mike DeBonis

    The 2005 was a typo on LL's part. She gave the quote in 2005; she met MLK long before that, when he was, uh, alive.

  • WardQueen

    Ah dotage, this broad must be very easily impressed.

    Let me get this straight. She thought Adrian Fenty was in the same league as Martin Luther King. She has been impressed with the way Vince Gray has been handling the Council. Seems like she has a thing for the cute gay gym-boy type. She probably also thinks Peter Rosenstein is a great intellectual and Ted Loza and Jim Graham are innocent.

    So, other then being a fag hag with money is there any reason anyone would take this dim bulb's counsel as viable?

  • Truth Hurts

    The most telling point of this piece is when she couldn't and/or wouldn't identify anything that "Gray's handled well". But she loves his fake "one city" motto: "It appeals to her very much." LL, why not caption this blog: "One City" the motto that sells to dimwits?

  • proballdc

    Unless Jesus suddenly appears and instructs me to vote for Fenty, he will NOT be getting my vote. Politics is politics and no politician is perfect, but I respect transparent teamwork in government over antagonistic dictatorship that ignores not only the input of agency leaders but the citizens as well.

  • downtown rez

    You were a critic (probably a Cropp supporter) from the beginning.
    Of course I was and still am on the other side and feel the ethics issues in the council are far deeper and much more troubling.

  • hymesb

    Ok, when will the BS PR machine turn off?
    This is another clear PR attempt from the Barry/Gray folks. Running without running. You just happened to hear about that meeting...right?

    Not a staged event designed to look like Gray is chipping away at Fenty's base?

    BTW, She donated her mansion for a fundraiser. She didn't organize the fundraiser for Fenty. He did the fundraising himself. And, most of the people invited have already given up to Fenty.

    Gray, the smoke and mirrors/Guerilla warfar tack aint going to work. You aren't going to get Fenty to panic and blow his wad. Like Cropp did by spending 3 million dollars on attack adds...leaving nothing for election day "get out the voters" action.

    Fenty ain't spending any money until you enter the race. Period. You won't be able to "bad press" him into panic mode.

    Whatever Barry clone runs will be looking at 4 million election machine when filing deadline hits. And as that BS mayor in new york showed. Money makes a big difference in a tight race.


    I get the point, you aren't voting for Fenty. You have posted it like 100 times now. Can we get a little something new? I mean, southern diva and noodlez would wish Fenty's baby died in a fire. They have imagination!

    Seriously though, Fenty must be doing something right with his agency directors. The services seem to be preforming the best they ever have.

    I guess he could do a Barry and just let them run around in a thousand different directions. Despite all of the "yack yack" to the contrary..Fenty seems to be an involved and demanding manager. Of course agency heads are going to complain. But the question is: are they doing the best for the city. And, clearly they are.

  • Hard to Stomach

    Hymesb aka EOM staffer, so as the recent WAPO poll and other's have just revealed, Fenty's approval ratings are plumenting why? Would Fenty's numbers really be dropping if all residents felt "the best was being done for the city?!"

    Fenty is not a "demanding manager," but one who is unfair and micromanages, sets unrealistic (not high) goals; a prime example is trying to open the city Monday after the snow storm. Fenty does NOT set a tone of a collaborative working amongst any of the city managers or staff...instead the Fenty work-culture is full of fear and hostility in addition to grade promotions that are solely based on kissing Fenty's ass, your family member's campaign contribution and/or if you participate in a sporting activity with him.

    Not saying that I support a Gray run 100%, but Chairman Gray has more integrity and respect for this city and its' residents than Adrian Fenty has ever shown. Gray for the most part is honest, admitts failure...and unlike Fenty's...has a pretty good command of the king's English and subject and verb agreement.

    Interesting that the majority of Fenty's re-election campaign staff are EOM staffers who want Fenty's re-election not because they believe in his "agenda" or platform...they just know they are not qualified to get King Fenty'sits worship me salaries anywhere else.


    Hymesb loves to kiss Adrian Fenty's ass. He, she, or it must work for King Fenty. Fenty will not get elected and he's disliked by most in D.C. Even people I know who don't vote in D.C. hate the King's guts.

    Hymesb, I can assure you once King Fenty is no longer mayor, you can count the number of friends on one hand. People are kissing up to this light skinned Negro just, because he's mayor and to continue to get their low numbered D.C. tags.

  • 2010

    @WARD4DC (Mr.Limbugh) nothing you say with that hateful/divisive language is relevant. No one is listening to you. If you really cared you would post what you have done to make the CITY better. All you’re rambling is just personal. NO you cannot be Homecoming KING but you'll live.

    Things cannot go on the routine and usual way. You are just upset that someone has enough guts to make a hard decision a different way. For any of these politicians who want change the voters must help by doing their part. We must organize to create better schools, run the bad teachers out of town. We must demand city workers be at work doing their job. We have to organize for clean air. This is not just going to happen because one man with ideas is in office. No he’s not nice about it but change is hard to come by.

    To Ms Terra, Martin Luther King didn't do this alone. The people who supported him stuck by him even when they didn't like his decisions. Why not raise money for DC residents for clean air orDC STUDENTS for QUALITY teachers.........

    True Activism is the key!!!