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“Jerk” Fenty Strikes Again

In recent months, two esteemed local news columnists have referred to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty as a "jerk."

And just to prove that the criticism hasn't had much of an impact on Hizzoner's conduct, check out the start of this video. If you don't have time for click-and-watch, I'll give you a summary:

First: A NewsChannel 4 anchor opens with a question for Fenty about the streets, saying that there are still problems with commutes stemming from snow-strewn thoroughfares. "When is the last of the snow going to be cleared and when should things be back to normal?"

Then: Fenty responds with a bunch of bluster—a laugh and some strange facial contortions. He says, "It's kind of a question that doesn't make any sense....the snow has fallen and it's not going to be gone until the temperature gets warm enough that it can melt."

Then: After a little back-and-forth, Fenty says, "We're moving it out of the street, which is what I think you guys mean."

Right! That was the question, Mr. Mayor.

See for yourself:

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  • Elissa

    Kudos to anchor Eun Yang for pressing accountability.

  • Huh?

    Ask stupid question get iritated answer. That was like asking a city under water when it is going to dry.

    There is a lake full of snow laying in the city. What part of 54 inchs doesn't she understand. That is 4 and a half feet covering 10 square miles. And the District is still open. Even when the feds are closed and the daily show is showing pictures of perfectly cleared streets.

    Asking for accounntability? Are you joking? The reporter admits that she put her trash in an alley and ask why it wasn't picked up. But, Fenty had 20 plus press conferences. She is a reporter. Crazy! If you did that in the regular week your trash wouldn't get picked up.

    Please. She sounded spoiled.

  • Korrupt

    Did anyone catch a brief story on WUSA last week by Gary Neuenberger(?) . He showed how even at mid-week Fenty's street was cleared to the pavement but his neighbors around the corner hadn't seen a plow yet come by. Two days later about who was on WUSA but Hizzoner. This guy is pathetic.

  • CC

    She did say "cleared" that was the word she used...

  • Dis-Connecting with the Mayor

    Huh? Well, when streets are gridlocked, busses cannot move down two-way streets because of the mounds of snow still piled up, bicyclists cannot safely traverse the city, and motorists are often stranded in disappearing lanes. How is that not an issue? He's on the news, all questions are fair game. This mayor's disdain for anyone who questions him is telling. And the way he glared at her, like "how dare you?" Temper temper.

  • hymesb


    You do realize that there is nowhere else to put it, don't you? It is freezing and it has to melt. That is physics. And well outside of the domain of the Mayors office.

    Do you have a magic wand? Or should he spend 20 mil and truck it to Georgia? Because, there is snow from here to Philly.

    At some point, ridiculous expectations cannot be satisfied.

    And your reading of his face? Didn't look like" How dare you?" More like, "are you stupid?" And, she sounded like she was.

  • Erik Wemple

    If you listen to the question, it was terribly clear that she was asking very specifically about the streets, not about, like, when will the last speck of snow disappear from the inner woods of Rock Creek Park.

  • downtown rez

    I hear you, Erik. But for the snow to be cleared from the streets it needs to be put s
    omewhere. The curb lanes of the street being the most obvious place, not
    the inner woods
    of Rock Creek Park

  • Douglas Sparks

    Erik: I watched the entire video (thanks for posting it) after reading your blog. I think you are plain wrong on your characterization of the interview. And your caption "Jerk" Fenty Strikes Again was horrible in the context of the interview. You really disappointed on this one.

  • sedcdude

    You know what, this is a 1st in that I AM IN AGREEANCE WITH FENTY, that was a dumbass question and they got the asian(flunky) to ask it!!

    I'm no fan of FENTY, but I recognize professional courtesy or the lack thereof, ROASTING and/or "selective" calling out auspisciously flanked and layered in racist innuendo, intent and purpose!!

    The "colored" vanguard in DC would be cautious not to "fall asleep at the wheel" and assume these MINUTE insults and infractions will or are not being tallied in order to user in REAL CHANGE that will neither benefit, YOU, ME or those who look like US!

    CREDIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY are important, and once those are compromised the gloves come off if you will, from TIGER, REGGIE WHITE, ALI, MARION BARRY and OJ, history is CERTAIN AND ACCURATE, it is what it is and if yu fail to recognize, it will repeat with you as the subject!

    This is starting to become RACIALLY obvious that it's more than incompetence, from th constant witchhunt of Mr. Barry, Gray's implications, PEACEAHOLICS and now this SNOW SHIT!!

    Fenty you got too cute, bushesque and arrogant for whitefolks liking and you are now starting to feel the "stay in your place" dilusion of WHITES!! Blacks have started to isolate you and now you are being DISSECTED by whites and you will now be placed in your predetermined PLOT as constructed by YOUR WHITE PEERS!

    The more shit changes the more shit stays the same!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    SEDC- you sir, are a dumbass.

    Everyone else, notice the vein in his head. It's about to pop out as big as his eyes and that gap between his teeth.

    How can anyone not see that he is a jerk. She asked a question and even if he thought it was the stupidest thing on the planet, he should have been mature enough to handle himself better. Instead, he acts like this. He's the leader of the City and that's his reaction. Come on people and by way, Barry is voice of the conservative Christian movement in the City- nice.

  • sedcdude

    Adrian Bent-Me, are you for certain that it was not Rick Mangus, Jesse Helms or 1 of the other whiteboys who play butt games around here who might'a bent ya???

    Actually I am quite REAL and conscious, don't pretend to be nothing more OR LESS, you and I both know with each insult, each mistake and with each slanderous comment YOU and yours will group ALL minority politicians and label them, FACT, it's so evident!!

    NO white politician would have been asked that type of question by an asian female, FACT!

  • downtown rez

    I don't see racism in the question, but I do see remarkably unperceptive and offensive question.
    Anyone who's taken two seconds to think about it knows that there will be mounds of snow on city street probably for the next month. This is because there is no good place to move it and no real budget to put it there even if there was. So, to get the Mayor on live TV and ask the question "when will it be cleared" as if anyone but God could make that snow appear or disappear is akin to implying (in front of a large local audience) that the Mayor/the city isn't doing its job properly. And that's what Fenty was reacting to, and the interview just went down hill from there. At least that's how I see it.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    SEDC- I retract my previous statement. You are retarded, mentally retarded. Your insight into this situation is not really baffling as much as it frustrating. We can't get through to you because you will never really comprehend it. What the fuck does being a minority have to do with being an arrogant jerk? Catania is an arrogrant jerk at times.

    I guess this City does deserve another 4 years of this idiotic with ass-clowns like you living here.

  • sedcdude

    Adrian Bent-Me

    LMBAO....@ your "attempting" to get through to me, GTFOH! You can't coerce me to do a damn thing, but it would behoov your visceral and arrogant ass to channel your bullshit and denial elsewhere! If you can't debate my comment without the usage of your GAY, emotional and childish epiteths, then we have no dialogue, FUCK YOU!


    If you have the complection for protection, you're fine and to think anything otherwise, you're naive, RACE MEANS EVERYTHING!

  • sedcdude

    @ Drez

    "So, to get the Mayor on live TV and ask the question "when will it be cleared" as if anyone but God could make that snow appear or disappear is akin to implying (in front of a large local audience) that the Mayor/the city isn't doing its job properly"

    These actions that you have poignantly listed are what creates an incompetent blanket that continues to manifest from racist agendas with a sinister plot! This is not a conspiracy theory but moreso REALITY!

    Fenty is gonna be taught an interesting and well deserved lesson, but at what cost, surely not at the loss of respect and professional courtesy afforded his melaninless peers from across the country, I'm just sayin'!

  • Downtown rez

    I don't know about all that. I guess I see it as a really stupid question that begs a teaching moment. Something along the lies of "Unfortunately, there's no place to put it all. We'll need to do the best possible until it melts".
    Which is something like what he said.

  • sedcdude

    Not as simple as YOU would like it to be!

  • tired

    what I witnessed was a nasty attitude, veins about ready to pop out of his head and how many times did he say the amount of snow we received and how many times did it go up? Tuesday was the first day I heard about putting the trash in the front in trash bags. So regardless if she asked a question that he did think made sense she pays his damn salary not the other way around. This is the same asshole that wanted our children to walk in the street after a weekend storm and to be there on time. He gets no cut cards from me. I can't wait to vote his ass out.

  • Truth Hurts

    People should watch the interview, the whole interview. In the context of the entire exchange, Fenty did just fine and said nothing meriting CP calling him a jerk. CP is upset he doesn't return its reporters' calls. Can't say I blame him after this cheap shot.

  • sedcdude


    I'm like you as far as voting him out, it's not about cut cards, especially in the bigger scheme of things! Just like there is a process YOU will exercise in his ouster, there is a way, a time and a place to do things!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    SEDC- Race had nothing to do with this interview. Only in your head son. If a Black reporter had asked him the same question, would you continue being so stupid in your comments. I think your attempts to feign intelligence isn't working because your racism clouds whatever point you were trying to make. I still think that you're mentally retarded. However, I do also believe that you are a racist (nothing a reverse racist, just a plain scumbag racist).

    So good day sir and um, go fuck yourself.

  • sedcdude

    @ Adrian Bent-Me

    "SEDC- Race had nothing to do with this interview. Only in your head son. If a Black reporter had asked him the same question, would you continue being so stupid in your comments"

    RACE had everything to do with it and that's because YOU didn't say a WHITE REPORTER, you said a black reporter and that further shows your trying to justify and exclude YOU AND YOURS from the equation, LOL! TOO EASY!

    Further shows the manipulation and mindset of people like you who don't get their hands dirty because YOU USE OTHERS TO DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU, yeah that's right, you "outsource" your bigotry now!!

    Could you imagine James Brown, Jim Vance or any other prominent journalist asking such a petty, unprofessional and condescending question? HELL NO! If a BLACK reporter would have asked that question of course I would continue to call it what it is and you would still be defending it just as you are now, because you're WHITE!

    Lastly, your attempts at labeling me a bigot further validates my point, especially since I am making OBSERVATIONS as opposed to YOU making accusations, what'chu think?

  • Downtown rez

    You got race on your fevered brain. The reason you see it everywhere is because that's what you're looking for. You even see it in a stupid question about snow that half the people in this city (black white brown yellow whatever) were asking ALL OVER THE REGION last week. But of course, to you, that dumb ass question when put to our honorable Mayor is part of a greater conspiracy- a piece of the puzzle that, when assembled, proves to your head that everyone is out to make black men look stupid. Man, you make yourself look stupid. You create your own reality and are a prisoner of your own mind.
    It's so sad.
    You like to say all eyes closed may not be asleep, I say there are none so blind as those that will not see. You know what? It's crazy people that think everyone but them is crazy.

  • sedcdude

    @ Drez
    "It's crazy people that think everyone but them is crazy"

    I concur!