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Anti-Fenty Facebook Group Gets a Post-Snowstorm Boost

not fenty Blowhard Chris Matthews didn't like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's snow removal performance. Neither did Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

Nor, it turns out, did the myriad of people who have joined Charles Matiella's Facebook group, "Adrian Fenty needs to resign!!!"

Matiella, who has lived in the District since 2001 (in what neighborhood, he won't say), created the group after Mayor Fenty's baseball ticket hostage situation. But post-Snowpocalypse II and III, he has watched it take off.

"I invited my friends who live in the District to join the group. All of the other members joined by word of mouth," says Matiella.

Over 200 people signed on in the first 24 hours after the Feb. 5-6 weekend snowstorm. The group's membership has since climbed to 2,377.

"Many are long time residents of DC and are frustrated with the segregationist politics that still grip DC with an iron claw. If you don't live, work, and play in NW, Capitol Hill, or SW, nothing has changed for you," he wrote in an email to City Desk. "NE and SE DC continue to be overlooked by the mayor. It's time for a movement in DC government OBAMA style," says Matiella.

The grievances run the gamut, from a lack of snowplows to the mayor's ego to his overall performance as the city's leader:

*They have 4 bus lines running and the underground metro and our village idiot wanted to keep the city government and schools open! WTF it not all about PR Mr. Fenty I can't wait for the mayoral election so we can get rid of you

*Extremely unhappy with the way the city is operating since he's been in office.

*Leo Alexander for mayor. No more of the Old boys Club!!!!! We want a change in 2010"

*So Fenty thinks that he's bigger than Mother Nature? He would be crazy not to close the gov't after tonight's snow!

*looking for a plow!!


*Damn Adrian Fenty!!! Only time you see this man in SE is when someone gets killed and he comes through with an onslaught of cameras!!!


*My #1 complaint with Fenty is laying off DC govt employees and teachers to balance the budget. I'm not either, but think it is unfair for so many to take one for the team in that way.

*Liar, Black George Bush. Sorry, but the lies this man and his administration tell are unbelievable.

Matiella plans to keep the site populated with links to unflattering Fenty stories, including this one about his plummeting poll numbers, as well as the Web sites of the candidates who have stepped forward to challenge him.

Matiella's an equal-opportunity critic, though, when it comes to DCision 2010. He wonders: Is Vincent Gray any better than Fenty?

Image from Matiella's Facebook group

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  • Editor

    It's not a "myriad of" it's just "myriad." It isn't a noun, it's an adjective. Use it the same way you would the word "many." In fact, just use the word "many" unless you're going to have an editor proofread your stuff.

  • Anita

    If Marion Barry can get elected as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner...then a Councilperson after serving jail time for corruption as the Mayor of DC...Mr. Matiella and his FB page fans will have to work a lot harder to prevent another Fenty term.

  • hymesb

    Ok. You guys are usually better than this. Who cares?

    Let's stick to the story of the day...that bittersweet smell of City Council Corruption.

    You can run 20 miles with that one.

    And, how are you going to "Obama" a guy that has the same policies as Obama?

  • noodlez



  • Charles E. Matiella

    @ Anita...We are working hard to get rid of Fenty. The page is just a start.

    @ the article again. I said "Obama style"...meaning - It's time for a MAJOR change in DC government.

    @Tiffany E. Browne - I live in NW DC....Ward 1, Parkview/Petworth, ANC 1A, Single Member District 1A08...LOL. Sorry, I didn't know that you asked where I live.

    Thank you for doing writing this story.

  • Q!

    Sorry Matiella...Vincent Gray is only a scant better...that is when he actually decides to be. Vince Gray is more flip-flopper than summer beach shoes. He still can't make up his mind whether he's gonna run...almost 6 months away. Pathetic. Like the concept of the FB Group but really, FENTY wouldn't resign if he got caught for tax evasion, adultery, armed robbery, and skipping the check on a bill. So a better name should be VOTE FENTY OUT!

  • sedcdude

    @ Anita

    You're talking apples and oranges in relevance to Barry's "personal" ills as opposed to Fenty's "professional" style, politics, appointments and his "perceived" negro despotism.

    Those are significant differences while guaging people's opinions, loyalties and votes!

  • Cordell Muncil

    i enjoy your style of writing

  • Five To Go

    You go Ms. Tiffany! I will be a Gray voter in September's primaries, and November's mayorial election! My whole street hates Fenty and his crew.