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Neighborhood Watch: Rally to Save Rodent-Infested Safeway on Rhode Island Avenue NE

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The Issue: Edgewood neighborhood residents will rally at 11 a.m. Monday at Safeway at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE to prevent the grocer from moving out March 6. The “rally is geared toward stopping Safeway from moving out so quickly,” says local Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) commissioner Debbie Smith [UPDATE: Smith is a former ANC commissioner. City Desk regrets the error]. The D.C. Department of Health briefly shut the store last month after an inspection found health violations–rodent droppings and dried blood, among them. Safeway has not made an official announcement, but word of the closing spread from employees, Smith says; the store apparently is no longer viable financially. Safeway’s departure leaves residents without a nearby grocery store.

Mosey On Out: “Safeway sucks–IMHO,” writes neighborhood resident Jason Hawke in a listserv. “We don’t need to rally to save them; we need to rally to demand respect from corporate stores." The parent Safeway hasn't provided the local store—which Smith says suffers from a slew of sanitation issues and bad produce and foods—with the necessary upgrades to effectively serve the community. Some residents would rather see a Wegmans or Trader Joe's move in, says resident Jacqueline Young.

Not So Fast!: Safeway’s immediate departure has other local residents up in arms—notably the large senior population. Many have been shopping at the Safeway for years—and change is difficult, Smith says. Safeway’s Edgewood closing “would cause a devastating blow to our already underserved community,” wrote Michael Clark, Sr., president of the Edgewood Civic Association in an ECA Resolution Letter to Safeway.

What’s Next: Wegmans moving in? (The excitement is insurmountable). If Safeway does go, the community plans to bring in “a grocery store that is nice, friendly, clean, well-lit, well-stocked and provides an array of foods. And Wegmans has been a hot item on the listserv,” Smith says. Good riddance to rodent droppings–seems like Safeway's doing the neighborhood a favor.

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  • English Teacher

    Ward4NDC, your grammer is just as bad as Kyle's spelling. You used the word "a" before idiot. That should be an "an". An "an" is used before words that start with a vowel. Also, it is not necessary to use the word "on" before today, like you did above.


    English Teacher, go fuck yourself! You are not an English teacher and stop living in a world of fantasy.

  • Columbia Heights

    I didn't know this was an English class on this blog. Most bloggers use bad grammer and sentence structure, including English teachers.

    I wouldn't shop at any Safeway that had a serious rodent problem. However, the Safeway on Columbia Road, NW isn't all that great either. In neighborhoods where most residents live like pigs/animals, they tend to not care about their neighborhood or their neighborhood grocery.

  • kyletyknox

    WARD4DC For all my ignorance and bad sentence structure,All my misspelled words the fact remains that you have no respect for people of differing backgrounds to call a group of people savages and refer to latinos as rabbits to bleed our welfare system is just proof of your bigotry and i am happy you live in ward 4 with fenty because the 2of you seem to have the same view. THANK GOD this is his LAST YEAR.

  • downtown rez

    Safeways suck in general. Even the new or recently remodeled ones.


    Kyletyknox, please quote me correctly. I stated, illegal alien and legal Salvadorans/Central Americans/Mexicans breed babies like rats/rodents. I didn't lump all Latinos together which represents over 24 different countries, cultures, and races. Illegal aliens have no right to be in the United States nor should they be getting any type of government assistance. Klyetyknox, you must be an illegal alien who's getting welfare, WICK, etc. Did I hurt your feelings by speaking the truth?

    Both you and Fenty can go to hell. I don't like either of you assholes.

  • Jesse Helms

    It will take gentrification to get an upscale grocery store in this neighborhood. Well educated individuals with higher income tend to take care or show pride in their neighborhoods. I agree with others, I don't foresee an upscale grocery coming to this ghetto. Where there are a bunch of low life blacks and Hispanics, they play their music loud, throw trash on the streets, and act like uncivilized humans. I am glad lower class people are being pushed out of the District of Columbia. Why are they contributing to this city? The only thing they are contributing is poverty. I rather live in an apartment building paying $1,700.00. My building is nice quiet and my neighbors respect one another by acting like they have class. I don't have to worry about low life animals moving into my building and destroying it.

    Kyletyknox, many of your people living at 4th & Rhode Island Avenue, NE (Negroes) don't give a dam about this neighborhood. Many black men hang out on the corners selling drugs/pimping/unemployed and at like "animals". The Democrats have brained washed the coloreds for generation to vote Democratic. Many young black males are lazy and don't want to work. I will give the illegal alien Mexicans/Central Americans credit, they will work and have a strong work ethic. Take a ride around D.C. or in any city large or small on the East Coast, you will see thousands of black men in their late teens up to their sixties hanging out on the streets during any work day.

  • kyletyknox

    WARD4DC I happen to be born and raised in dc not illegal and own 1 home in DC and one in NC I have operated a business in downtown DC for 26 yrs so YOU can never step on my anything lol or in my anything like i said bad sentence structure and spelling dont even equall stupid and by the my kids graduaed from college right here and it wasnt UDC so you can just stop that thought now.

  • kyletyknox

    And as for Jesse Helms return to your clan if you dont like the NORTH.


    Kyletyknox, are you sure you didn't attend UDC dummy? You are an ignorant fool! The District of Columbia is located in the South, not the North. Did you study Geography in school? What did they teach you down in the Carolinas or in D.C. Public Schools? I am a 4th generation Washingtonian and I attended Mackin Catholic Senior High, Howard University, and Georgetown University. My sons attended Columbia University, Cornell University, and Howard University. All 3 are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. My parents are college educated too and they are in their seventies.

    Since you have roots in North Carolina Kyleyknox, why don't you go join Jesse Helms in his grave down in Raleigh, North Carolina, because you are a bleeding heart liberal Socialist Democrat? Jesse was a segregationist, therefore you might not want to visit him in his grave. Have a good day fool and don't send any more responses to me.

  • kyletyknox

    WARD4DC your a wannab howard SNOB so you and your EDUCATED family can KMBA do you understand that.

  • kyletyknox

    WARD4DC YOU jack--- Helms represented SOUTH CAROLINA know it all FU--


    Kyletyknox, you are so dumb and you proved it by saying the late Jesse Helms was from South Carolina. Jesse Helms represented North Carolina and he was born in Monroe, North Carolina. Jesse Alexander Helms, Jr. (October 18, 1921 – July 4, 2008) was a five-term Republican United States Senator from North Carolina who served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1995 to 2001.

    Kyletyknox, I am not a snob, but I do take pride in my neighborhood by being a productive and civic minded. I am a former 4A ANC Commissioner in Ward 4. I don't come outside my home and throw trash on the ground nor do I do it anywhere in our city. Because someone is poor, this doesn't mean they should live like a pig and don't care about their living environment. I have family members who prefer to live like pigs, sell drugs, and indulge in bad behavior, but I don't associate with them. I was taught by my parents to have respect, morals, and to take pride in my community by not trashing it. Good night dummy, I have to go to the gym and work off the stress from the office and dealing with uninformed fools like you.


    Kyletyknox, you might be thinking about your uncle James Strom Thurmond (December 5, 1902 – June 26, 2003) was an American politician who served as the 103rd Governor of South Carolina and as a United States Senator.

    Strom Thurmond was a former Senator from the State of South Carolina and he father a daughter out of wedlock by a black woman. Please learn your history before coming at me.

  • kyletyknox

    WARD4DC Hit a SNOB nerve I see booj


    Corrrection: Strom Thurmond was a former Senator from the State of South Carolina and he fathered a daughter out of wedlock with a black woman. Please learn your history before coming at me Kyletyknox.


    I welcome professionals with higher incomes into our city regardless of race or sexual preference, but I don't want to see longtime hardworking senior citizens being taxed or pushed out of their homes or the District of Columbia.

  • born and raised washintonian not you fake bumfuc egypt middle american unexposed assholes bland cockholes

    To miss ward4 and to all you other hateful racist ass bitches. I was in the army and served in OIF and OEF and it just reaffirms how I feel about humans and humanity. All of you people are hateful and spiteful, close-minded, and ignorant! That's why we can't evolve as the human race. I hope God or an asteroid comes down and destroys all of you people and wipes the face of the earth clean. It's never cut and dry, read between the lines, it's called sociology, the psychology of a group of people. We are made in America and we are the products/byproducts from the poor to the rich, to the good Samaritan to the serial killer. It's people like you who keep the world turning in a fucked up circle. It's called capitalism, which impoverishes people, along with racism and a fucked up school system for minorities that goes back hundreds of years ago. You are so ignorant, lame, stupid, deaf, dumb, and blind! I hope God punishes you and I hope you burn in hell with the likes of Hitler ,Napoleon, Caligula, James Earl Ray and all your other like-minded people! poor white people are more ignorant dirty and under exposed than poor blacks and if you take white people and put them in the same situation they would be just as bad if not worst throw some fast illegal money depression and despair and guns they would kill each other to look at prohibition in the 20's and 30's black peoples blood line has been here longer than 90% of white people most white people came hear through ellise island and were able to assimilate quicker because of there color but you cant tell me that racism is alive and prevalent would you give me as a black man a job and dont lie to me or yourself I guess you guys won and turned me as ignorant and hateful as you all I guess you could say Im a reversed racists a product of all the hate I received and now I cant stand you pig skin fuckers even though I got a white girl I know the truth and you fake weak,self serving selfish, lying, sneaky, caniving ,hateful white people dont impress or fool me nor does your way of life impress me damn near everything you do touch or create defy the law of nature destroy the earth and a slap to god in the face. For a race of people to steal the knowledge and secrets of the universe from africa and egypt and to take the knowledge of good and evil and use it for malicious purposes and to try to control the world like pinky and the brain and every other diabolical mastermind. If you take a people strip them of there family,history give them propaganda for them to self hate and not know there history get the world to hate them not give them a fair shot or education fill them with dispare and on all movies and media show pretty white people being the hero and blacks as ignorant what do you get europe only got out of the dark ages after they were conquered by the romans who got there knowledge from africa and egypt europe just got out of the dark ages like a 1000 years ago and africa had thriving cultures and there renosance 4 to 8000 years before that up until a hundred years ago in europe it was still doctrine to take 1 bath a year and they were all pagans and barbarians until the romans brought Christianity living filth and scwoller (the black plauge).

  • born and raised washintonian not you fake bumfuc egypt middle american unexposed assholes bland cockholes

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    Damn!!!! That's a lot! Well I'm white and educated, I do have to agree that WE ALL ARE RACIST! Each and every one of us live with some sort of prejudice/racism! I just wish we could all get along, but it looks like some of us will always stay the same....


    God bless each and every one of us! We sure do need it.... Badly!

  • IMGoph

    Punctuation. Heard of it? Try using it.

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