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Who’s Tough in Del Ray?


Tough. Del Ray. Not words you often hear together! However: Some in this suburban nabe are stone-cold killers!

Buzz Bakery (not really in Del Ray, but toughness laughs at boundaries). Has been open since 8 a.m.

FireFlies. Open, served lunch, will be serving till 11 tonight. FireFlies is SUPERTOUGH!

Let's Meat on the Avenue. No answer. Web site says shop's sold out of everything. I feel like that bumps them up to "tough." (Hey, it's my list.)

South China Restaurant. Damn straight it's open! If the weather's bad, says the person who answers, they might close early—say 9, 9:30. ARE YOU LISTENING, CHEESETIQUE?

Pizzaiolo. Open till 10! Anecdotal evidence that it was open all weekend.


ACKC. No answer. And on a day when I could use a hot chocolate!

Bombay Curry Company. No answer, voicemail is full.

Caboose Cafe & Bakery. No answer.

Cheesetique. No answer. When Cheesetique goes dark, it's serious.

Del Merei Grille. I'm beginning to sense a pattern here.

Evening Star Cafe. No lunch. Hoping to open this evening, according to Neighborhood Restaurant Group spokesperson Amber Pfau.

Monroe's An American Trattoria. Closed until Thursday dinner, according to the answering machine. (Props for updating the answering machine!)

My Bakery & Cafe. No answer.

RT's Restaurant. No answer.

St. Elmo's Coffee Pub. Not open, but answering the phone to tell you they're not open.

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  • Simon

    My Bakery is closed-closed. I went there a month ago and they no longer allow eat-in, only take-out and delivery cakes.

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  • Gayle

    I can speak for Evening Star as far as being open in the worst snow storm in history. Just had some great hot onion soup and the back bar and front were packed with neighbors and friends.

  • Susan

    Are "tough" and "stone-cold killers" terms for employers who value money and image more than the safety of their employees? Man, I want to work for a stone-cold killer!

  • Evening Star Cafe

    For the record, we have only closed once in the past 5+ years. We were closed for lunch today due to whiteout conditions, otherwise we have been open throughout. Our staff (most of whom live in the neighborhood) have worked tirelessly through both storms and we greatly appreciate it, as do many residents of Del Ray who have thanked us often in the last few days.