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DCPS: Two Make-Up Days Set, Perhaps More

With this afternoon's announcement that school is canceled for tomorrow, the D.C. Public Schools will have lost four instructional days by the time they're expected to open on Tuesday. (Friday was already scheduled as a teacher-training day.)

You know what that means: Make-up days!

Spokesperson Jennifer Calloway says two make-up days have already been "built in" to the schedule—June 21 and 22, the Monday and Tuesday following the Friday when the school year was originally scheduled to end. Two more might be necessary, but "I don't think we've come to a conclusion on that," she says. A decision should be shortly forthcoming, she adds.

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    What is going on at DCPS...10:00 PM and this is what they have on their website:
    All DC Public Schools will be closed.
    A decision relative to administrative offices has not been made. Administrative employees should continue to check the DCPS website and email for additional updates as the weather progresses this evening and during the early morning hours.
    Stay tuned here for updates or sign up for email notifications.[Updated Feb 10 at 6:30pm]

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