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Shovel Patrol: Vincent Gray

Washington City Paper embarked yesterday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons' sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended?


Vincent C. Gray

Position: D.C. Council chairman

Address: 2619 Branch Ave. SE (Hillcrest)

Observations: Not a good showing for the chairman here. Gray's stately Hillcrest home sits on a well-trafficked corner, but the sidewalks on Erie Street and Branch Avenue appeared not to have been touched. In fact, the only signs of habitation were a pair of foot tracks leading to Gray's back door. A point in Gray's defense: A strong sidewalk-shoveling culture does not appear to have developed in the neighborhood, making Gray's scofflawism more the rule than the exception. Even more in his defense, Gray's spokesperson said on Monday that Gray and friends shoveled the sidewalks not long after LL's visit at about 3:30 p.m. Sunday. "He even cleared some parking spaces," she says. Maybe so—but with sunrise at 7:10 a.m., Gray did so more than eight daylight hours after the last snowfall—outside the statutory grace period!

Grade: D+

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  • DK

    My note is now less likely, Mr. Chair.

  • DK

    My vote. VOTE. Grrrr....

  • hymesb

    Nice gate!

  • hymesb

    Nice fence! How much did that cost? And how much did he pay for it? :-)

    Serioisly,I don't like Gray but he is almost 70. Not so safe for him to shovel. Heart attacks are not uncommon when older people move heavy snow.

    But the Law is the Law. He does have a son-in-law, I think.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL, the grade was fair (D+), but you still couldn't resist offering up two weak defenses of him. LL's grade is C-.
    No, make that a D-. Being a scofflaw is not so bad if your friends and neighbors are scofflaws too? He has several friends and donors (eg, Bereano, Jamal, Khanu) who are felons. And then there's his buddy Barry. Would you defend him doing the things these guys do?

  • seen it all before

    All politicians are "just preparing to shovel" their unshoveled walks when some media type comes around with a camera and they suddenly get busted.

    That, and the check's in the mail.

    And they'll respect you the morning after the election.

    Yeah, sure.

  • Downtown rez

    What, he doesn't know any Ward 7 residents who could use a few bucks? I'm shocked.

  • LOL

    This is great! Do Fenty's house [and street]

  • S.E.

    After doing Fenty's about doing all of the District owned properties, i.e.closed/abandoned ,school buildings.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL : After Fenty, check Kwame and Peebles -- I'm betting Gray called and gave em a heads up right after you nailed Mr. "one city".

  • Mike DeBonis

    Kwame doesn't have sidewalks. We checked. He did do a nice job shoveling his stoop and driveway.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL, did you check him before or after Gray? The word's likely out that you're making the rounds, so I suspect you'll be getting fewer hits.

  • Mike DeBonis

    There's no way Kwame got a tipoff. We went to his place right afterward. No one was home at Gray's anyway. And even if there was, no way that Kwame cleared his whole driveway in the 5 mins it took to get there.

  • Truth Hurts

    Fair enough, just asking. How about Evans?

  • Truth Hurts

    Sorry, I see you just posted Evans. Peebles?