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Shovel Patrol: Jack Evans

Washington City Paper embarked Sunday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons' sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended?


Jack Evans

Position: Ward 2 councilmember

Address: 3141 P St. NW (Georgetown)

Observations: Truly a wondrous job from the council's longest-serving member. The frontage in front of Evans' Georgetown home was meticulously cleared from the edge of the house itself nearly to the curb. No other person surveyed Sunday offered pedestrians such a wide berth—and on a sometimes tricky brick surface, no less. Plus, Evans did it all himself. "I'm from Pennsylvania," he said after answering his doorbell. "Of course I shoveled it myself!"

Grade: A+

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  • V

    Mike - are you aware of Councilman Tommy Wells' legislation to remove the right to sue homeowners and businesses and replacing it with a immediate citation/fine if they don't shovel their walks within 8 hours? I wrote him this morning, mad about all the businesses on PA Ave, SE that haven't shoveled, and he filled me in on this bill he recently introduced. Thought it might be of interest to you. Thanks!

  • Chris Peterson

    Does he use a blow dryer on his sidewalk as well?

  • Jesse Helms

    LOL@Chris Peterson


    I give Jack Evans a A+. He or somebody did a good job shoveling the snow in front of his P Street, NW house. Can the Washington City Paper please go to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser house in Lamond Riggs Northeast to see if her sidewalk is shoveled.

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