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Are You Freaking Out Yet?

One Shepherd Park resident just reported on the listserv that they have lost power. And long lines have been reported in grocery stores across the city. The Harris Teeter on the Hill is experiencing possibly hour-long lines! WTOP is reporting that 25 percent of the District's plows are busted and the city is now rationing its salt supply!

Councilmember Tommy Wells has been dutifully collecting reports of unplowed streets via Twitter. He reports:

"10 streets added to list. Side streets w/packed snow & ice and not plowed yet r a challenge. Pickford Pl just got done w/a bobcat. Go DDOT!"

Are you panicking yet? How are your streets?

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  • Rick Mangus

    RUN!, RUN!, RUN!, the snow is falling! Get that toilet paper, milk, eggs, booze, we are all going to be stranded and die!


  • Downtown rez

    The shelves at the Park Road Giant and the P Street Whole Foods were well stocked, and parking was easy.

  • just sayin

    Just me and Jack Daniel against the world!

  • sigmund freud

    People need to see the WTOP report -- i suspected that something was amiss since I've not seen or heard a plow anywhere in NW and the way some street are is pathetic. Sending a pic of 13th and T to Graham -- 6 inch ruts -- only way to maneuver is to drive in those car tracks/ruts. Fenty is a joke.

  • Truth Hurts

    No snow plow's touched my street. Yet my family and our neighbors are going with the flow ... helping one another, sharing snow blowers, ice melt, liquor, and companionship. With the right attitude, all this snow can be lots of fun.

  • Downtown rez

    We're a scant few days out from record snowfalls, and you are complaining that your local street is rutted but passable?

  • sigmund freud

    Rez: yes, since King Fenty said there would be an all-out push to make the city open for business monday and was going to force school kids to school all for political reasons. It's been 3 days since the snow stopped, why haven't they gotten to the side streets? 13th and T is in the heart of the city. Rock Creek Parkway, which is federal property is plowed side to side with clean clear pavement.

  • Downtown rez

    In your neighborhood 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th are all passable in a front wheel drive sedan. As are the major east/wests, such as U, R, and P. I was driving around early this afternoon.

  • sigmund freud

    Hey Rez: are you a Fenty frat boi or which agency do you work for? Or just a beneficiary of some of his contracts?

    Plus, 3 days after they all should be clear.

  • Downtown rez

    LOL I just don't think much of whiners.
    I've been around the area for the big snows in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. If I and my ratty 15 year old sedan could get out and about for the past two days, it just not that bad. And we've had more snow so far than any of those storms.

  • sigmund freud

    and i don't think much of pompous, egotistical, babies like Fenty who is all talk and not much delivery -- or as Janet Jackson said in Poetic Justice, he's a one minute brotha.

  • Downtown rez

    Back on topic, IMO this is the best snow response DC's seen. Your opinion is clearly different.
    Whichever- we're in for more. So warm wishes to you, SF.

  • greg

    While Tommy Wells is working hard fighting the snow, my councilmember, Harry Thomas took a trip to the beach in Florida...

  • Waterlover

    Something that has amaze me is the great shape of the pools. I am practicing for the upcoming meet and Takoma has been open everyday this week. Well plowed and clean. My girlfriend went to Ramsey this morning. While everything is close is positively surprising that DC pools are open and well staffed.