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Shovel Patrol: David Catania

Washington City Paper embarked yesterday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons' sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended?


David A. Catania

Position: at-large councilmember

Address: 2122 Newport Place NW (Dupont Circle)

Observations: Of all the VIPs surveyed, Catania has the most modest responsibilities when it comes to sidewalk frontage—his midblock rowhouse on cozy Newport Place only stretches a few yards wide. Indeed snow had been cleared from the stoop and walk, but not completely, leaving a not-thin layer of snow. With nighttime temps dipping into the single digits, that's a recipe for hazardous late-night re-icing!

Grade: B-

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  • interested party

    Maybe he needs to be fined and held accountable. Obviously her holds everyone else accountable and is ready with his famous "Body Bags" for those who cross him. But then again City Council does not hold themselves accountable.


    They need to fine this mean son of a bitch. David Catania is a mean spirited individual. I have no love or compassion for this evil human being.

  • Matt the Bat Master

    Doesn't look that bad to me.

  • Truth Hurts

    Where are the photos of Gray, Brown, Brown, Barry, Thomas, Peebs,

  • DC Resident

    Looks shoveled to me.

  • Neighbor

    I live nearby. It had been shoveled, and snow had fallen back onto the path. It's that way on much of Newport Place. No violation here.

    But the nearby alley is amazingly clean. Clean to the pavement. Hmmm.

  • DK

    Shoulda bought a little salt. I'm unimpressed.

  • Woody Landay

    The old adage that a picture is worth 1,000 words in this case fails to capture the real story. Had your photographer arrived earlier, he or she would have seen CM Catania shoveling not only his steps and sidewalk but the stairs and sidewalks of his neighbors, many of whom are elderly. He also helped at least one stranded motorist--a dad with an infant whose wife was stuck out of town. I know, because he was among our spontaneous "shovel ready" neighborhood crew who pitched in. BTW - how did your car ever make it down the block?! The street was virtually impassible until the plow camed -- Tuesday @ 6 pm.