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In Petworth, Snow Plows You


The above snow plow met its end at the intersection of 5th and Kennedy Streets NW, where the snow doesn't take kindly to being pushed around by ANYONE. From the looks of it, the poor thing caught on fire and its drivers fled, possibly on foot. The neighbors love this stuff–someone said that salt gets rid of ice, or something, which I can't confirm because I am from Florida–and they broke out trash bags, paint buckets, and garbage cans, got in line, and committed to salting their streets by hand.


Looks like an electrical fire. Then again, I do not know what I am talking about.


As of 4 p.m. on Saturday, this truck cab did not smell like cat piss. It will.


Barrel o' salt.


Don't call it looting.

Photos by Mike Riggs

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  • ontarioroader

    That block is a trip - If DDOT doesn't have that thing towed by the morning it will probably be stripped for parts.

  • …done

    then you better hurry up ontario