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VIDEO Snowpocalypse 2010: Taking Stock at the Safeway

If you said there'd be hell to pay at the Safeway in Adams Morgan, you were right! There isn't a bagel to be found in the place. It's a maelstrom, people—looting and other acts of outrage...rolls of toilet paper flying, kitty litter strewn athwart aisle 7, sausage casings used to garrote innocent children...we'll let the footage speak for itself.

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  • Ginny

    I'm famous!

  • Mirella

    Nice video, I like it. Thanks for sharing:)
    I liked the girl at the end. I think she likes you and you like her too:)

  • aoi

    That was fun -- nice job

  • eri

    yay for snackfood :)

  • justjule

    oh how I miss those lines... and the subpar baked goods!

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