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Snow Homework: Crowdsource Fenty’s Campaign Finance Report!

Just in case there's some other D.C. politics dorks looking for some indoors weekend activities, LL proffers this idea: Check out Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's doozy of a campaign finance report!

Courtesy of LL and his proprietary software capable of rendering unreadable OCF reports into easy-to-scan spreadsheets, you can take the raw data and extract all sorts of cool info—much as LL did a year ago. So download the spreadsheet [XLS format] and get a-crunchin'!

So all you data-analysis and visualization nerds, please have a look! What to crunch? Check out this old LL post for some ideas. LL will find some super City Paper swag for y'all.

LL will share the results of his crunching next week.

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  • noodlez



    Noodlez, he's one of Fenty's undercover boyfriends. lol It's being said, Fenty prefers white meat.

  • Anonymous

    Falchicchio is one of Fenty's money men/fundraisers and was in the bullpen in the beginning. He was also out in Sacramento to help Kevin Johnson's campaign last year. Must have the magic touch.

  • Five To Go

    OMG I can not stop laughing, Noodlez now ward4dc. I'm loving it.

  • noodlez




  • Stephon

    He(Fatcichio) and Mr Skinner funnel deals and money to everyone Fenty tells them too. It will come out soon.. Trust me, these guys make Mr Barry look like an alter boy.

  • Insider

    hey noodles, he has the photos your boys don't want people to see.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    Everybody on the downlow scene know Miss Fenty is a bottom boy. His fraternity is full of gay and downlow men. Back in the day, those Kappa men were twirling at Tracks or the Delta Elite.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    As Miss Bonita use to say on "In Living Color", I am not one to gossip, but Miss Fenty have messed around if your know what I mean. He's not the first Kappa man or politician to get down on the low.

  • Snowbound in CoHi

    What exactly are the contribution limits for DC races? I see $14,000 from Franklin and Estelle Haney, Tennessee Infrastructure Contractors, Alabama Infrastructure Contractors, Franklin L. Haney Co. LLC, and LFH LLC (donations 623, 627, 928, 1112, 1262, 1683, 1685). I didn't know who Franklin L. Haney is until I did some Googling, but apparently he owns a few major office buildings?

  • Snowbound in CoHi

    Sorry, should have explained these donations were interesting because they all show the same address-- 605 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, TN.

  • Thom

    Very good piece with GREAT ARCHIVAL FOOTAGE on the 1922 Knickerbocker Theater snow/roof collapse disaster in WaPo. Pass it on!

  • Wassup

    Adrian Fenty is a bottom? Explains why she has no use for Clark Ray!

  • hymesb

    Have you Anti-Fenty people become so beat down that you have to run around cracking Gay Jokes?
    And what is with deriding valuable black institutions.

    Kappa Alpha Psi has been serving the Black Community for almost 100 years. You don't like one member and jump on a blog and disparage 200,000 people. And, try to wave the, "my people" flag. Kappa Alpha Psi has done far far more for our community than any individual on this Blog has.

    If you are Black, show some respect! Otherwise, you are a hypocrite for complaining about Fenty's precieved disrepect for our community

    Bi-sexual Vampire. Are you mad the Nupes didn't give you any or something. All Frats and Soros's have gay members.

    But if you check the record, they are better know for bagging and dumping load mouth know-it-all bisexual women. Then running off and marrying a AKA's.

    Anyway, Fenty isn't the demon that you try to sell. He is a young guy trying to do his best, making mistakes, having success and failures. Give the man a break from your insisent accusations, conspiracy thoeries and flat out lies.

    Maybe he could be closer to our community if you didn't attack him all the time.

    Cropp spent almost 2/3rds of her campaign funds attacking him. Gray and Thomas accuse him of stealing and lying almost everyday. It is the Old Black Guard that is driving this racial wedge. Fenty is doing his Job and hasn't derided a single person.

    Stop listenin F'ing to poverty pimps from the Barry Crowd. They got us in this mess. Not Fenty.

  • sidetrack much

    hymesb, thank you for the holier than thou rant. You can save all of that high road talk because you are a city paper reader [which you showed in your low-rent responses to many of the posters].

    In your quick response to defend all things black greek and fenty, you forgot to touch Snowbound in CoHi's observation about the donations. I know that may require more than some top line "mind your manners" comment, but what do you think about the donations having multiple names but the same address?

  • Truth hurts

    sidetrack: virtually every CM and mayoral candidate receives multiple donations from connected entities. Take the Doggett parking empire, for example. If you examine Vince Gray's contributions when he ran for council chair, you'll see multiple Doggett family members as well as various Doggett LLC's maxing out on limits. I, too, take issue with this practice, yet they all do it and it's legal. Maybe Gray should intro legislation banning the practice, but it wouldn't pass because the pols want the $.

  • Downtown rez

    TH is right.
    Also, for better or worse, political donations seem protected as a freedom of speech issue.
    Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  • sidetrack much

    TH, i wasn't saying that the donations were illegal, I was saying that hymesb was shaming people without focusing on the one legitimate question. There was no attempt to say anything thoughtful, like you have done, about the donations. I would like to point out that Fenty was on the council making his fair share of poor decisions like the rest of the "poverty pimps" For better or worse, the progress that he is often taking credit for, like new buildings opened with capitol dollars funded well before he took office, was the result of Mayor williams and CM Fenty. He can take credit for continuing that but not for initiating anything new.

  • hymesb

    Holier than thou?

    When did I pub myself up?

    Rant? Maybe. But that Kappa bashing crap is getting old and people might give it merit if they don't know better.

    Plus, it is hypocritical to say that someone disrespects the black community and then disrespect a 100 year old Black organization in the same breath.

    The arguement that Fenty is a Uncle Tom that funnels money to members of a virtually All-Black organization doesn't make sence either.

    But hey, who said that you have to be rational.

    Vote your kids into illteracy if you want to. But leave the Black Greek organizations out of it. That hating crap got old in college.

  • sidetrack much

    Holier than thou? yes. You said, "If you are Black, show some respect!" You also said, "Stop listenin F'ing to poverty pimps from the Barry Crowd." so yes you were being holier than thou and making some rather stupid assumptions as you shamed people.

    wow with your extreme statements like "vote your kids into illiteracy" you should join the tea party movement. [see we can all be irrational and avoid the topic].

    The question posed to you, which you didn't answer [TH did] was "what do you think about the donations having multiple names but the same address?"

    But the conversation has since progressed. And you are still on a different page out of touch like Fenty with a school delay on a sunday afternoon. [it really is easy to be divisive].

    One thing that Fenty does well, and maybe you should take a lesson on, is staying focused on the people engaged in the real discussion.

  • sidetrack much

    "The arguement that Fenty is a Uncle Tom that funnels money to members of a virtually All-Black organization doesn't make sence either."


  • Truth hurts

    hymesb and sidetrack: As one who's been drawn (regretably) into multiple back and forth arguments on this site several times, I'm beginning to understand there comes a point when both sides should cease fire and agree to disagree. Forget about who got the last word in. Doesn't matter. Continue commenting, but move past this debate. You've made your arguments and people can make up their minds accordingly.

  • proballdc

    For those laboring to sanitize the Fenty name:

    Funneling $85 million in taxpayer dollars to a quasi-public entity for the sole purpose of doling it out outside of legislative oversight was illegal. And that wasn't Barry's doing, it was a Fenty Administration undertaking. AND, much of it landed in the lap of members of Kappa Alpha Psi who don't have the requisite professional credentials to carry out the work under the contracts (i.e. Sinclair Skinner).

    Who does Fenty blame for his stealing money from an estate he was assigned to represent, getting caught by the family, reported to and sanctioned by the D.C. bar?

    It is not a "lie" to call Fenty a thief, his history writes the story all by itself.