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Kwame Brown ‘Seriously Considering’ Fenty Challenge

At-Large Councilmember Kwame R. Brown appeared this afternoon on WAMU-FM's Kojo Nnamdi Show. He directly addressed a potential challenge to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty:

Said Brown, "Yes, of course, I am seriously considering it, if in fact there is not significant changes in the way this government is operated and the way people feel in this city. We don't need a city that's divided, we need a city that's together. And in order to be a great city, we can't have ANC commissioners and civic association leaders, and principals all feeling like they're not being heard and not being represented in a way that's fair, open, and transparent. We can't get to a great city that way."

Kwame Brown now joins Vincent Gray, Michael A. Brown, and R. Donahue Peebles in the "seriously considering" camp. Brown has the strongest record among all of them in citywide races, running an insurgent campaign in 2004 to knock off incumbent Harold Brazil, and, in 2008, fending off all serious primary challengers and coasting to a landslide win.

To date, Kwame Brown has been the most sheepish about his mayoral ambitions, though they clearly have long existed.

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  • Wendy Glenn

    If he runs on a Jobs Creation/E-Verify platform than he is my candidate. I don't want anymore lip service, I need to know who is going to put DC residents back to work.

  • whatever

    If that is your test, then he should run on mandatory jobs training modeled after soviet forced labor camps, and the elimination of mandatory drug testing. Oh, yeah, and no time or attendance requirements once hired.

  • IMGoph

    if you follow his twitter feed, you have to be pretty convinced that he's running...

  • KCinDC

    I don't understand how anyone can take Michael Brown's mayoral ambitions seriously. If he stays in his council seat, he can't become a Democrat, and if he's not a Democrat he can't run in the Democratic primary in September, which is the real election. Surely no one believes he'd have any chance at all as an independent running against Fenty in November?

    If he resigns his seat and becomes a Democrat again, then he can run in September, but he'd be giving up 2.5 more years of a sure thing for a seriously long shot at becoming mayor (especially considering that in 2006 he didn't even stick it out through election day).

    Why is anyone even talking about him?

  • KCinDC

    Why are only 4 of the 13 council members on Twitter (and Alexander's presence is minimal)? I'd think the ones up for reelection this year would at least be doing it now.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ KC: You may have misread the post. It's mainly about Kwame, not Michael.


    Kwame Brown is a joke too! The citizenry need to over throw their local, State, and Federal Governments.

  • proballdc

    I am still incensed about that "present" vote that Kwame Brown cast which ultimately resulted in Peter Nickles being confirmed as Attorney General. That was a spineless move.

  • Wrack

    @KC: Twitter is ruining the world. It's impossible to address issues in so few characters. You can't lay out a jobs platform in a paragraph. That's the problem with DC politics and government already: *no one knows what the &^#& they're doing!* It's all politics! No substance! Waauuuugh!!

  • Ward1Resident

    If you have been paying attention to Councilmember Kwame Brown's positions on job training for DC residents (Phelps), incentives for businesses to relocating to the District (Costco,CoStar,possibly Northrop Grumman)and vision for the DC's future ( He is the only candidate that makes sense. Win or lose the DC council can not afford to lose Chairman Gray. I'd vote for Kwame and so would a lot people I know in ward 1. -Ward1Resident

  • KCinDC

    Wrack, of course you can't lay out a jobs platform in a paragraph. That's what links are for, which is what most messages from a politician will include. Have you ever looked at Twitter?

  • KCinDC

    TH, I know it was mainly about Kwame, but I was responding to "Kwame Brown now joins Vincent Gray, Michael A. Brown, and R. Donahue Peebles in the 'seriously considering' camp."

  • noodlez



  • Skipper

    Kwame Brown is known for what legislative accomplishments, exactly?

    His most notable recent accomplishment is heading the committee that oversees DMPED and having "no clue" about all the shady DMPED contracts. With keen oversight like that, this city would be screwed with Mayor Kwame.

  • hymesb

    Kwame Brown is not ready. Jobs? Ok. What part of near-depression don't you get. Employment is a national problem. There isn't a Mayor in the nation that is able to handle that issue when national unemployment is at almost 10%. Also, as most DC jobs are government related, the budget problems resulting from loss of citizen's income compound the problem.

  • Summer18

    Please Kwame Brown run for mayor! I am so dissapointed and frusturated with the very arrogant, and often inconsiderate mayor Fenty running our city.
    We need someone who will not just do what looks good to get elected but someone who is consistent after getting elected in showing he cares about the people who voted to bring them into office.