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Are Organized Snowball Fights The New Kickball?

Throughout the day, just about every other blog seems to have tweeted, hyped and/or wasted tons of time providing a roundup of tomorrow's organized snowball fights. Even WCP. Now WaPo has gotten into the act with its own roundup. Just weeks ago, the snowball fight seemed so innocent. If there's one more storm, I bet Red Bull will start sponsoring these things.

At the very least, can we please not see any I-Survived-The-Official-Dupont-Circle-Snowball-Fight T-shirts?

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    I totally agree.

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    Wait until one of these morons gets run over by a car and then they will be whining that the police were nowhere to be seen.

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    maybe the next rally against Fenty, or for DC statehood, or against the wars should include a snowball fight – that way DC’s transient class of well-connected 20 and 30somethings will show up and we can get some press coverage.

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