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Harry Thomas Jr. to Enjoy Super Bowl, Not Snow Bowl

0205superbowlWhile the rest of us enjoy what the District government has deemed "Super Snow Bowl," at least one city leader will be enjoying the plain ol' Super Bowl.

That would be Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., whom LL reached this afternoon inside a Miami Subs location. That's right—his flight just landed, having left D.C. just before the potentially historic deluge began.

"Got out by the grace of god," Thomas says.

Asked what lured him down from his soon-to-be-snowbound ward to Super Bowl XLIV, Thomas started by talking about how he's looking to partner with the NFL on a punt-pass-and-kick contest in D.C. Then Thomas disclosed that he's in fact having a fundraiser down Florida way. LL asked who's hosting it: "Friends of Tommy," he says. "Just people I know, fraternity brothers, guys I played football with."

And in case you're wondering: "I bought my own ticket" to the game, Thomas says.

Of course, there's a history of D.C. politicos partying at the Big Game while snow slammed the city: In 1987, Marion Barry attended the Broncos-Giants tilt in Southern California; meanwhile the city was slammed with snow as the mayor partied (and was hospitalized for what was later revealed to be the result of drug and alcohol overindulgence).

Thomas says he isn't concerned Ward 5 will suffer in his absence.

"I have able staff," he says. "They've got a pretty good handle on it."

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  • Skipper

    That about sums about Tommy Thomas' legislative accomplishment: While the rest of his ward is digging out from a record amount of snow, he's off to the Super Bowl and raising money from his frat buddies.

    Don't worry Tommy, the same mayor that you bitch and moan about all the time will take care of your ward while you're out frolicking in the sun.

  • Trinidadsafe

    Harry Thomas has "able staff", I love it. What an ignorant idiot.

  • LOL

    this begs the question, "how is ward 5 looking?" And kudos for the Barry reference. I honestly forgot about that trip. [come on people Barry did a lot of stuff, some of it slips my mind occasionally.]

  • WardFiveIsAHotMess

    I'm glad he had a fundraiser in Florida. Is it legal to accept out of state contributions for DC Council campaigns? I mean come on, I could imagine having one in MD or VA, if you worship there, but FL? What does FL have to do with DC politics?

  • ward5res

    How is Ward 5 looking? It doesn't matter that Tommy is not around, no difference. He's is just lip service..

    Don't worry Tommy, the same mayor that you bitch and moan about all the time will take care of your ward while you're out frolicking in the true.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ward5res: Barry went door to door for Thomas last campaign. Ironic that Thomas followed Barry's lead and hit the Super Bowl during huge snowstorm. Wonder if Barry went with him.

  • JJ the J-Man

    I honestly don't care that Thomas was gone. He obviously bought tix well before we had any idea there would be snow. Plus, it doesn't matter if he was around. All he would be able to do is make some phone calls to take care of problems anyhow, and last time I checked, (1) Florida has telephone service and (2) his staff handle all his problems anyhow. Personally, I'm happy he was gone so that I didn't have to hear about some press conference he gave about shoveling six cubic feet of snow from some old lady's driveway.

    I'm no Thomas apologist--I am almost guaranteed to vote for his opponent--but I think picking this non-issue to attack Thomas about is lame. There are so many real issues to attack Thomas on.....

  • kyletyknox

    Again petty issues for petty people. If HARRY Thomas was the guy driving the snow removal truck I would care. My problem is why the mayors street was cleaned to the asphalt and the rest of us got packed ice. Can Mr. Thomas answer that question or maybe thats a Fenty question that he cant answer.

  • NoforThomas

    Of all councilmembers Yvette Alexander and Tommy are the most stupid ones. Even if he had tickets bought ahead of time and considering how much he likes to posture, this was the perfect time to cancel the trip, give the tickets away to charity and take a few pictures shoveling snow for an old lady...