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D.C. Snowball Fight Organizer: Not Expecting Police But “They’re More Than Welcome”


So far, we've heard of at least three snowball fights planned for tomorrow in the District. One near Randle Circle in Southeast (noon), another in a field near the New York Avenue Metro station in Northeast (1 p.m.), and a third on the National Mall (3 p.m.).

Given what happened during D.C.'s last big snow at D.C.'s last snowball fight—remember all those anarchists?—we thought we'd ask Rhys Gerholdt, executive director of CarbonfreeDC, who is helping organize the one in NE, a few questions. Because all of these snowball fights seem awfully suspicious.  

City Paper: In publicizing your event, you said, “While some folks will be hunkered down in their houses clutching their canned goods, CarbonfreeDC invites you to make the best of it by getting together to have a glorious day of snowman making and snowball fights.” What is the real purpose of this snowball fight?

Rhys Gerholdt: The real purpose of the snowball fight is to enjoy the winter as opposed to being afraid of it and to celebrate snow before climate change makes it go by the wayside. Before climate change hampers snowball-making for years to come.

CP: What, exactly, is your definition of a snowball fight?

RG: When people come outside and make balls of snow and toss them at each other?

CP: Do you think snowball fights and anarchy are synonymous?

RG: Only if you want them to be. They can be good family fun. I don’t think anarchy is necessarily good family fun.

CP: You have planned your snowball fight for a “large field.” Don't you think it'd be better to have it at a major intersection like 14th and U NW?

RG: Um, I think that we’ll stay out of the major crowd areas and cop-patrol areas down here. [This location] also allows us to have bigger snowballs and bigger snowmen. My hope is to make giant caterpillars.

CP: Caterpillars?

RG: Sometimes you make the balls too big to actually stack them on top of each other.

CP: Do you know if anyone is going to bring weapons of any sort?

RG: No, I don’t know.

CP: Are you expecting the police?

RG: I’m not expecting the police, but if they want to come and throw snowballs, they’re more than welcome.

Gerholdt is not planning to set any snowball fight world records here; he’ll be happy if 30 or more people show up.

But, he added, “It might snowball."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    sedcdude, I remember as a child in the 60's, my brothers and I would play in the snow and we would slide down 13th Street, NW hill next to Cardozo Senior High. We would walk from Columbia Road, NW and Sherman Avenue, NW to my cousin's grandmother's house by walking thru Malcolm X Park to get to 18th & Willard Streets, NW. We had fun playing in the snow, but things have changed and the rules are so different. As a native Washingtonian, I am now the outsider.

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    sedcdude be careful out there with your kids. I will try and get out there on tomorrow and shovel snow from my walk way and on my car. I think I will take Daddy Grace advice by taking me a nap. I am sleepy. lol

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    sedcdude, please read the comments in the Washington Post on rising rents in the District of Columbia. Let me know what you think about this article.

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    Anyone know what happened with the planned 14 & U snowball fight? Did it happen? Sounded earlier like things might get ugly.

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    Quote In Washington Post:

    1:41 p.m. -- An only-in-DC snowball fight
    Only in Washington do you schedule a snowball fight -- and distribute a big legal disclaimer along with it. By 1 p.m. today, more than 5,000 people had signed up for the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight group on Facebook. An outdoor bar had been set up outside the Dupont Hotel, and Mayor Adrian Fenty even stopped by to say hello and shake hands. Police were expected to be on hand to keep things calm. The fight is even supposed to be live streamed here: A live stream of photos is also planned on Flickr.

    The organizers, thirtysomethings Ami Greener and MIchael Lipin, first tried to put together a snowball fight on Facebook during the December snowstorm, but only about a half-dozen friends showed up. This time they tried much harder, getting advice from friends about how to use Twitter and to get the word out.

    "I tweeted it with hashtags like Snowmaggedon, Snowpocalypse, that kind of thing," Greener said. "This was my first tweet. I might start using it now!" Added Lipin: "It went viral. I've never seen anything like this. We had 33 members on Thursday morning, and it's growing by hundreds an hour right now." Like the best Washington lawyers, Lipin posted a mild caution on Facebook: "You are coming to Dupont Circle Park on Saturday, Feb 6, 2010, to play snowballs voluntarily. The people spreading the word about the happening are not preparing any special equipment or conditions and may not be held responsible for your decisions and/or actions." Greener and Lipin will part ways during combat, with Lipin expecting to fight with Dupont South and Greener with Dupont North. In the meantime, they're hanging out in front of Starbucks, hoping turnout will match the interest online. -- Amy Gardner

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  • Downtown rez

    We got the walk shoveled all the way from the house to the corner and around to the alley. Also did a few people's steps. Then we walked to the grocery store, threw snowballs, and made snow-slides in the 8-10 foot tall piles of snow. My kid loved all that.
    Oh yeah, and with a nod to all the omniphobes, at the end of the day we watched a movie. It was a great day. Tomorrow's looking good too!