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With Snow Hours Away, Panic Strikes Harris Teeter!


I just got back from a really great three hour stay inside the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter. So yeah, I picked a really bad time to get Superbowl snacks. Let's break it down:

*One minute hunting for a cart. There were none at the entrance.

*59 minutes in cart gridlock hunting down the last of the beans, packaged meat, turkey slices, and the two remaining non-fucked-up Granny Smiths.

*Two hours in line waiting to check-the-fuck-out. I admit I probably conducted some bad line intel. I overheard a kid say the checkout at No. 9 had the fastest line. He was wrong. The line snaked through the store, beyond the toothpaste and vitamins, and then up through the beer aisle and along the frozen peas, and all the way past the veggie patties. But once I got in line, I was stuck. During that time, I read through issues of Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, People, and OK! I know all I need to know about Nancy Kerrigan's messed-up brother.

Look, the line was peaceful and all. But why do people have to stock up on everything before a snow storm? Does anybody think they're gonna be trapped inside for a week? Adams Morgan is surrounded by main roads that will be cleared. Some folks in line seemed to think that survival meant buying up all the frozen pizzas in the store. The woman ahead of me either was making the world's largest fruit salad or was just insane.

The worst news of all came when I finally got home. Bob Ryan might be leaving Channel 4!

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  • Doug Landry

    I guess this could all be summed up with DC's approach to dealing with snow:

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  • Tom

    People stock up not because they're afraid they will be reduced to eating the wallpaper, but because they like to feel that they are in control of everything. Really. A snowstorm is coming and it's beyond your control. I'm outside DC, but I wonder also if the fact that the stomr is coming has a greater psychological effect on the policy wonks, bloggers and pundits of Washington, because can't declaim against it and make it go away. So, they do something that makes them feel in control. "Sure, it's snowing, but, hey, I've got a stack of frozen pizzas and extra cans of Miracle Whip!"
    Here in Florida (it's raining like crazy right now) people run to the store when hurricanes are approaching to buy tons of D-cell batteries that will go dead in the drawer and bottled water because they think that's somehow better than filing containers from the kitchen tap. In some cases they buy home generators that have suffocated the occupants of the house because the dodo who bought it thought it could be kept in the house while running! More often they buy a generator, leave it in the garage for a year, and when they try to start it, find that the gasoline turned into rubber cement.
    Enjoy the snow, I really do miss it sometimes (I'm originally from Connecticut).

  • …done

    I went there on Thursday and it was busy...

  • …done

    Tom~good point. In a way stocking up is the execution of a contingency plan.

    Saturday will be a long boring day sans options.

  • proballdc

    Yea, the folks in the District go way overboard when it snows. The media doesn't help with their paranoid "run for your lives" reporting. Truth be told, this time tomorrow night, we will be seeing the tail end of the storm. I went to the store this morning, very early, and the lines snaked to the back of the store. And all I needed was a bag of dog food. I hope my dog appreciates that I take his diet seriously.

  • jake

    "people" have to stock up because of George's party, dillnut. get your broke-ass cart out my aisle before i whitewash your grill! respect, select.