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White House Party-Crashers Throw $40 to Clark Ray

A fabulous day for political hacks in the District of Columbia: It's campaign finance reporting day!

Some early returns: Clark Ray, challenger for the Democratic at-large seat, puts in a decent showing with $80,382 raised in total, with $42,068 still in the bank (plus a $15,000 loan due to the candidate).

The report for the incumbent, Phil Mendelson, hasn't been posted yet, but LL is told he'll post a number around $130,000—a faster start than usual for the four-term incumbent.

With his figures, Ray definitely stays in the conversation. And for those wondering if the Fenty money machine would come out for the ex-Fenty parks director, there are a few: former Fenty chief of staff Tene Dolphin gave $100; education facilities chief Allen Lew gave $250; and Fenty-backing philanthropist Judith Terra gave $750. Marvin Bowser, brother of Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel, gave $46

Other notables include developer Jim Abdo ($500), boxing promoter Rock Newman ($200), and ex-Mendelson opponent A. Scott Bolden ($100, plus $1,000 from his law firm, Reed Smith).

But the biggest names of all actually weren't big names when they chipped in to the campaign: Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the famed White House party crashers, each gave Ray $20.

They showed up at Ray's 46th birthday fundraiser at Terra's home on Nov. 19, an event filmed by 'Real Housewives' crews—five days later, they'd waltz into the White House, and into infamy.

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  • Carly

    it figures that DC's sleaze is hanging around Clark Ray.

    Go Mendo!

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  • Piggly Wiggly

    "... they chipped in to the campaign: Michaele and Tareq Salahi, ..., each gave Ray $20. They showed up at Ray's 46th birthday fundraiser ..., an event filmed by 'Real Housewives' crews ...".

    What no birthday gift?

    The Salahi's and the NBC, BRAVO 'RH' crewS probably drank and ate more than *USD S2000.00 and left the USD *$20.00 as a tip.

    *maybe more in Australia (AUD) dollars.

  • DistrictIndependent

    Jeeze, I'd honestly think the Republicans would enlist the Salahi's for some cheap publicity, but looks like Ray and Rosenstein are not above that, too. Pre-party crashing or not, you invite folks from a reality show to your fundraiser? And then they give you $20? That's pretty tacky all the way around. Sure, Ray is "in the conversation," but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Wassup

    Peter Rosenstein is a champion bloviator I heard his oration stimulated Tariq Salahi to deposit a contribution.
    Clark Ray kind of reminds me of Michaele Salahi.

  • ChinaDC

    Now that's news! Clark Ray was the only person in DC to be paid by the Salahi"s. Go Clark!

  • Truth hurts

    Great reporting! Waiting for the Gray donor list. $40 to Ray from low life's can't hold a candle to Vince "one city's" take from the felon crew.