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Weekend In Review: District Residents Think Mayor Fenty Is A Dickhead

With the snow lasting one day, everyone should be talking about two things: the Caps' hot streak and Mayor Fenty's huge slide in a new WaPo poll. Forty-Nine percent of District residents disapprove of Fenty's job performance. Anthony Williams never had disapproval numbers like that. And he only cared about gentrifiers! Right? The difference: A lot of people think Fenty is a total dickhead. The upshot from WaPo:

"In the new poll, large numbers of District residents and majorities of African Americans see Fenty as not being honest and trustworthy and as disconnected from their problems. Overall, 47 percent of all adults see him as willing to listen to different points of view; 41 percent say he is not."

WaPo writes:

"The numbers stand in stark contrast to how people feel about their city: District residents give higher ratings for their neighborhoods and the quality of key city services than they have at any point in Post polling over the past 20 years.

Residents give broadly positive marks to the police department and the quality of parks and recreation facilities. Most parents continue to see major problems in the city's public schools, but those views have eased noticeably. More than half of residents see the city as heading in the right direction, a significantly more bullish view than before Fenty's 2006 election.

And yet Fenty's approval ratings across a range of specific issues have dived by double digits. Compared with two years ago, Fenty's ratings are up in only one area: reducing crime, with the increase there due almost entirely to white residents. Overall, slightly more than half of residents rate him "excellent" or "good" on reducing crime, an increase of 10 percentage points. Nearly eight in 10 say they feel safe in their neighborhoods."

I wonder what Fenty's numbers would be if he fired a few arrogant officials and actually started having real press conferences. How about it, Mayor Fenty? Why not take a page from your predecessor and have a weekly press conference every Wednesday?

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    I met Adrian when he was a 4C ANC Commissioner and he was a nobody. He appeared to be a nice humble individual. I supported him during his run against the former Ward 4 D.C. Councilmember Charlene Drew-Jarvis. After Adrian M. Fenty got elected to the D.C. Council, he was responsive, humble, and we saw him constantly all over Ward 4. Once he became mayor, he started to change for the worse. Many of the things he stated while running for mayor, he didn't keep his promised and he lied. He became secretive, kicked many blacks to the curb, closed the D.C. Department of Mental Health, discriminates against people over 40, he's petty, vindictive, arrogant, and corrupt. The last straw for me, King Fenty disrespected 97 year old Dr. Dorothy Height a Civil Rights leader, former President of the National Council of Negro Women, and former Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. President. Fenty have shown disrespect towards black women and I will not forgive him for his meanness and stubbornness towards me and others.

    Whites and white gay liberals in D.C. should like Mayor Fenty, because he have pandered to them and he have ignored blacks who were there in his corner before whites knew a Adrian Fenty.

    This registered Democrat soon to become an Independent will not be voting for King Fenty in September 2010. I told him in a private email, the same people you meet going to the top will be the same people you will meet when you come down or fall.

    Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, you see how white America turned on wanna be white Tiger Woods? The same will happen to you once liberal whites in D.C. get tired of you. Please don't coming running to the black community for support once you fall from grace, because we will not be there for you. You reap what you sow in this life and you have sowed a lot King Fenty. Black voters in my Ward 4 D.C. neighborhood hate Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and they will not be supporting or voting for his re-election.

    Ward 4 D.C. Voter/Resident

  • annon

    blah blah blah...sick of hearing how blacks are mistreated. we came as immigrants, not speaking the language, lived on welfare for several years but my parents worked there butts off to get out of it and to provide for a better life for the family. now we are a solid middle class family with 2 college graduates. all this and not one of us spoke the language when we arrived. the only difference between my family and these blacks is responsibility! take responsibility for your life, get educated, and then you will have a voice and be a better member of society. then people like me who came from absolutely nothing can stop listening to repetitive nonsense.

  • S.E.



    Annon, are you sure you are a college graduate? I learned in school, you start a sentence by capitilizing the first word.

    You are a tired racist piece of shit and your mammy should have aborted your dumb ignorant racist ass at birth. You would never make those comments directly to any black U.S. citizen face. Continue to hide behind a computer screen proving to be a coward punk.

  • noodlez



  • http://deleted candycane1

    The only thing that I have to add is: Jason, Wonderful headline! Perfectly stated!

  • proballdc


  • If it walks like a duck

    Jason called a dickhead a dickhead. Latest argument -- DCPS wants parents to apply for out of boundary schools even though King Fenty didn't and Rhee lied; also, Natwar Gandhi having to bring a case to superior court since King F. won't send contracts to Council -- what is he hiding in those -- more frat buddy deals.

  • Wendy Glenn

    While I TOTALLY disagree with the language in this article; I have to agree with the assessment. Mayor Fenty has divided this city along race, class, status and gender lines. He has made the city focus on our differences instead of our similarities as Washingtonians. The "white gentrifiers" totally share the opinion that "black generational Washingtonians" are lazy, want a hand out, and only dislike Mayor Fenty because he is requiring something of us...that in itself is a racist mindset. Blacks built this city with out slave hands for FREE and we have continued to add to is business community. The difference is the open-door policy that Mayor Fenty has with the new white, affluent, gay, gentrified Washingtonian and the dismissal that he gives to the poor, black, straight, evangelical, native Washingtonian. He is extremely dismissive of the homeless and the disabled as came be verified by this closing of the Mental Health Clinics and Homeless shelters. For a Mayor to close DPR childcare centers in defiance of a federal order say alot to me. It says he is NOT a people's Mayor.

  • Five To Go

    @annon, I am a college graduate. I earned my masters degree 15 years ago. I own 12 lots, 5 rental properties, and I live in my own home, with my husband of thirty year. I am the first person in my family to complete a college degree. I am respected in my field. I live in a beautiful part of town, SE Washington DC. I live near four parks,and I can commute to my DC Government job within 15 minutes. I am not bragging, I am thankful to God, my parents, and my teachers for leading me in the right direction. They taught me the value of hard work, and education. I say all of this, because I am a proud African-American woman, and maybe one day you can be a happy as I am today.

  • Skipper

    Great headline Cherkis! At least you don't bother to pretend to be unbiased.

  • Truth hurts

    @ Five To Go: While I haven't agreed with some of your past comments, this one is well said. There's little hope for decent people with differing viewpoints to find common ground unless we reject and/or educate simpleminded bigots. That goes for all of us.

  • Truth hurts

    @ Skipper: Cherkis is the man, but I agree he blew it with this headline. Note that he posted it at 7:25am. May account for his poor judgment.

  • hymesb


    Mayor Fenty is a dick head that has done a good job.

    Just like, Gray looks like a Corpse that has plenty skeleton's in the closet.

    May sound a little sweet but give me the effective dick head. You can keep the 70 year old finger pointing Corpse for yourself.

    Also, are any of you Anti-fenty people actually going to give Gray your money? Polls aside(within margin of error btw), it takes cash to run a campaign. About 2 million. Starting now, That is about 250K per month in a near depression. And, if he loses, Gray is out on his ass, he has to forfiet his council seat.

  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Let the names of King Fenty and Queen Rhee be stricken from every document and building in the District of Columbia. So it will be written, how long--not long--

  • Truth hurts

    And it is further decreed that Master Crack Racist Tax Cheater Barry and Council Chairman One City Race Baiter Gray shall return this city to from whence it came and restore it to the corruption that preceeded King Fenty's reign.

  • Wendy Glenn

    @hymesb: Apparently you don't know this city; name recognition will easily compensate for any lack in monetary fundraising. Although, if Mr. Don Peebles does not run then he will finance Mr. Gray's campaign if he decides to run. Mr. Peebles has made that commitment several times.

    By your reasoning then slavery and Hitler were OK with you because you can justify any bad behavior. Slavery got a tremendous amount accomplished and for absolutely nothing but I don't want to be on the receiving end of that misogynistic time in my people's history, and I am pretty sure that the jewish people feel the same way, a dictator can justify all of their behavior as beneficial to the masses and the age-old "the ends justify the means."

    I worked 18 months campaigning for Mr. Fenty during his first election and he has totally kissed and dismissed the black commmunity. And yes, I am educated, have a 25 year work experience, never been on Welfare and have always strived to be the best at everything that I do and now DC has 12.1% unemployment and our Mayor seems to care not a bit.

  • Truth hurts

    @ Wendy Glenn: Did you miss LL's posts on Gray? He says Gray's approval ratings are as low as Fenty's only because half the city hasn't heard of Gray. So what "name recognition" are you talking about? Is DeBonis wrong? Because that would really screw up WAPO's poll.

  • Wendy Glenn

    YES, DeBonis is very wrong, EVERYONE in this city KNOWS the chairman of the DC City Council, and if they don't then they don't live even close to DC...Vincent Gray has been a very vocal Chairman, agree or disagree with his politics, I am on the fence myself.

    If I had my wish, then Don Peebles would run but I don't know if he would get the black female vote with a caucasion wife (black women would see his more as a Tiger Woods than a Barack Obama). Yes, I know that that seems absurd but it is reality.

  • Truth Hurts

    So WAPO's poll, quoted by DeBonis, must be totally unreliable. Guess Fenty need not comment on it. Don't you think it's bizarre if, as you say, Peebles wouldn't get black female votes because he's married to a white woman, but those same black female voters wouldn't be bothered by Peebles' disrespecting Fenty's black wife? Sad state of affairs.