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Police Clash With Protesters Outside Pepco Building

During the lunch hour today, protesters gathered outside the Pepco Building chanting for clean energy policies. Tensions between the protesters and D.C. Police intensified with individuals entered the building. Chants inevitably turned to the classic "fuck you pigs!"

*Video by Ryan J. Reilly.

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  • Rick Mangus

    MPD officers should of clubbed these ass holes like a baby seal.

  • Rick Mangus

    ADDED NOTE: These pricks are the same people who did that simple minded snow ball fight beck in December.

    Nothing but a bunch of spoiled trust fund babies living off mommy and daddies money, who protest because it's TRENDY! These people are nothing but human stains.

  • JayAre

    These are probably the same hipsters that complain that the police does not respond to crime. Right on!! Rick Mangus... they should have kicked their asses until they bled.