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Yes, Who Is This Fenty Fellow?

With a bare-knuckled challenger waiting in the wings, is Adrian Fenty beginning to become a little unsure of himself? Perhaps starting to doubt his very existence?

Why, look at this form letter his campaign sent to donors this morning. soliciting last minute donations before the Jan. 31 filing deadline:

I hope the New Year has started well. Fenty 2010 will soon reach another major mile marker. Our next financial report with the Office of Campaign Finance is due on January 31st. We're currently at 94% of our fundraising goal for this period. As many of you have done before, I ask you to make an online contribution today to show your support....

Adrian M. Fenty?

Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

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    I thought he was concerned about punctuation.

  2. #2

    Certainly not punctuality.

  3. #3

    Nah he's just a punk.

  4. #4

    OMG, that is soooo funny!

  5. #5

    King Fenty is confused because Queen Rhee didn't have time to proofread it since she was busy pulling her foot out of her big mouth.

  6. #6

    I would not give you a penny you sorry individual. Ask Michelle Rhee for the money before she gets sue for liable.

  7. #7

    Tired - What DCPS school do you teach at?

  8. #8

    I wouldn't give you a red ass cent. I refuse to sign your petition and tell your people don't even think about knocking at my door.

  9. #9

    skipper I am not a DCPS teacher. And for that matter the blanket statement she made leaves her wide open for liable. But I will say this, it is my tax dollars that they would be going after if they decide to sue the DC government any more questions?

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  11. #11

    I'll kick in- in 2014.
    By then I figure there may be a serious contender.

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    What a hoot! The rest of the message is no shining example of grammar and syntax either... but then anyone who's had to deal with Fenty's work product (as attorney, Councilmember or Mayor) should be well aware of his intellectual mediocrity.

    We deserve better. What part of that does the DC political establishment not understand???

  13. #13

    I received the Fenty? email and chuckled. I'm guessing omebody on his campaign staff will be looking for a new job tomorrow.

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    Fenty is a reflection of the District electorate. I'll leave that piece there.

    I am confident that Gray will eventually announce his candidacy and will win. However, that doesn't suggest that Gray is automatically a great candidate for Mayor. Just one who can beat Fenty. That the District has been reduced to either defending an ethically challenged Mayor or supporting a fence walking politico speaks volumes.

    Fenty has ridden the coat tails of Anthony William's accomplishments, taking full credit for them, long enough. I don't see that as a course that a Gray mayor would take.

    Marian Barry had better be careful, I am sure Fenty is none to pleased when he has to drive down U Street and see the Barry Name big and bold on the Reeves Municipal Center when there are none that dawn his.

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    I wouldn't exclude Gray from the "ethically challenged" category. Anyone know the status of the Gray/Barry ethics investigation/report? What's taking so long?

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    I'm Ron Burgundy?

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