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Pants Lawsuit Guy Still Biting Ankles

Pity the Pants Lawsuit Guy. He's now bringing his brand of legal crazy to the appeals court. The Legal Times' BLT Blog, G-d bless 'em, sifts through the latest filing. They find that Pants Lawsuit Guy now is taking aim at a U.S. District Court Judge. His evidence? Not an incriminating e-mail trail or memo. Not a recorded phone call. It's a picture:

"Pearson wants the appeals court to take notice of a photograph showing [Judge] Huvelle [who dismissed his lawsuit now on appeal] standing with several Superior Court judges, including Anita Josey-Herring, who is a defendant in Pearson’s suit. Pearson included the photo—taken in May at the annual Law Day Dinner Program hosted by the Washington Bar Association—in his opening brief, filed Jan. 21 in the appeals court."

In Pants Lawsuit Guy's view, this photo incriminates both judges. BLT translates his latest filing this way:

"Judge Huvelle’s enthusiastic participation in this smiling, arm-in-arm ‘sisterhood’ photo with defendant Josey-Herring” took place before Huvelle ruled on pending motions in the suit. Pearson said in court papers that Huvelle should have recused from hearing the suit."

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  • Rick Mangus

    Pearson is a STUPID, MORONIC, NUT CASE, who should be dis-bared and put in a mental ward and Pearson if you don't like it, SUE ME!

  • Skipper

    He's as nutty as some of the commentators at this site.

  • Keith

    This guy is a first class clown. Let him continue to dig his own political/professional grave, its no skin off my back.


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