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Morning Roundup: A Pickup Truck, Pot, and a Mercedes-Benz

Good morning, City Desk. Unless you're a Democrat. If you're a Democrat, it is not a good morning at all. If you're a Democrat, the world has pretty much ended. A Republican has been elected to fill the vacant Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. A Republican with a pickup truck! A pickup truck beat an SUV!

Roger Ebert summed it up this way in a tweet: "Massachusetts to Teddy: 'F–k you.'"

1206038_dutch_weed-2_jpgThe Post reports on a D.C. Council bill that would make medical marijuana available at five spots in the city. Can't wait for the debate over who will grow and dispense the stuff, and where. Said Councilmember David Catania, who proposed the legislation: "I would rather not have the Department of Health engaged in the cultivation of marijuana." I don't know, I think he should keep all options open. The city could become a great grower. Think Conrad Shepard in Weeds! Maybe we should ask Mike Riggs over at the Daily Caller what he thinks!

Police are searching for a man suspected of killing eight people in Appomattox, Va., yesterday, which newly installed Gov. Robert McDonnell called a "horrific tragedy." The manhunt is centered around a wooded area about 2 miles wide and 10 football fields long, where 39-year-old Christopher Speight is thought to be hiding. The killings—four bodies were discovered outside "a white house along rural Snapps Mill Road," three were inside, and one was a distance away—may have stemmed from a domestic dispute. Schools there are closed today.

Now here's a story: The District is being sued by the lienholder of a Mercedes-Benz that was impounded because of a bunch of unpaid parking tickets and then sold at auction for a pittance (well, as far as Benzes go).

Writes the Examiner:

Ten months after selling Stephen Yelverton's Mercedes SLK350, the District finds itself the defendant in a federal lawsuit, potentially being forced to pay thousands more than the vehicle was worth.

The D.C. Department of Public Works towed the 2006 Mercedes convertible, the subject of seven unpaid parking tickets totaling $980, to the Blue Plains Impoundment Lot in early 2009., the District's online auctioneer, sold the car March 17 for $18,900.

But Yelverton, a D.C. lawyer now in bankruptcy, still owed $42,606 on the car when it was impounded. Michigan-based DCFS USA, the lienholder, had issued a default notice the previous September, according to court documents. Yelverton had not made a car payment since June 2008.

Happy hump day. Unless you're a Democrat.

UPDATE: A spot of good news: Virginia State Police say the suspect in the killing spree in Appomattox, Christopher Speight, has surrendered without incident.

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  • MarijuanaLobby

    When will an opportunity come like this again for DC? it is time to organize to defeat senseless Marijuana Prohibition laws and DC REALLY needs the Money... come out on and support this DC
    Social networking change we can engage in

  • Former Staffer

    Dear Massachusetts, you are one teabag short of a tea party. Please send Earl Brown Grey oolong on this black day.

    Your cynicism and spitefulness are making me green. No chamomile in this next stimulus for you.

  • Typical DC BS

    Dear Massachusetts, thank you for displaying some common sense (finally). The people have finally awakened and realized they don't want a vision of America cooked up by wacky House and Senate Democrats from San Francisco and New York.

  • Former Staffer

    Dear Typical BS,

    You are full of BS. This is a 50-50 country. 50% of us want more transit, higher taxes on the wealthy, socialized medicine, and investments in infrastructure. The other 50% are just greedy GOPers.

    Can't wait for the coming Civil War. We kicked you states rightists asses once already, we'll be happy to do it again.

  • Mike Riggs

    Here's how we do the marijuana issue: Set up a permitting process, and approve everyone who applies. Then, when they sell to dispensaries, the forms they fill out will allow the government to tax the weed they sell. Then, we will all get scrip cards and convene at my house for a potluck party.

    I don't even know if this will work, but it's hella superior to having a bidding process to determine who gets to grow what when and where.

  • Jamie

    How on earth does DC sell a car (at an auction or any other way) without being aware that, in fact, a bank owed the car? Why wouldn't they contact the ACTUAL owner of the car, the bank, who'd probably send a repo man bearing a check for $900 to pay the tickets the very same day?

    Surely this cannot be the first time they've ever impounded and sold a car that was not owned free and clear. This cannot possibly be legal. In a situation where there are two lienholders, a bank in for 43K and a government in for 900 bucks, why on earth does the law permit the government to take possession of the car and do with it as it pleases?

  • downtown rez

    Probably because the car was parked on city streets and the bank was not listed as the owner on the title, registration, or insurance.

  • Rick Mangus

    What happen in Massachusetts is plain and simple, the best candidate won and arrogance lost. Maybe the voters in this country have stopped drinking the 'KOOL AID'!

  • Typical DC BS

    Former Staffer: Keep dreaming. You fail to realize it's not a 50/50 split. People are finally waking up and realizing idiots like you have no idea how the real world works. If you want what you state, move to Europe. It's a fine place for those that don't work hard and want everyone leveled out to the lowest common incompetence.

  • noodlez


  • Rick Mangus

    No 'noodlez' it's not.

  • truck rentals

    yes downtown rez can be correct... bank was not listed as the owner on the title, registration, or insurance.
    truck rentals

  • national debt

    This is my 4th time here now. I really enjoy your site and look forward to more reading!