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Happy 20th Anniversary, Marion Barry Crack Bust

As LL noted earlier in LL Daily, today is the 20th anniversary of the famed Vista Hotel bust, in which Mayor Marion Barry was lured into Room 727 by Rasheeda Moore and proceeded to smoke crack cocaine on camera.

Here's a vintage Darrow Montgomery snap of Barry the next day, leaving his arraignment at the District's federal courthouse:


Here's what Darrow remembers: "I was asleep but I got a frantic call the next morning from Jon Cohen...He was the No. 2 here. We scurried down to the courthouse where we joined about 150 other newsmedia types. Probably not that many, but a lot. I really don't have much to add."

As the trial progressed over the following summer, the location of the photograph—the front plaza of what's now the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Court House—would become know colloquially as "Barry Beach."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Comrade Comadante Al Gonzales

    It was 69º 20 years ago, an all-time high...

    The bitch set him up! Mayor Barry is a real man - unlike girlie boy Fenty & that monster Sharon Pratt Dixon Kelly Pratt Smith Jones & Wesson. Tony is a CPA - he's OK.

    Odd fact for those who have discussed "light-skinned" blacks. At the orphanage, they thought Tony Williams was white...

  • Truth Hurts

    Need more examples of Al's idiocy?

  • Rick Mangus

    That must of been some great crack because if you remember Barry was asked if he wanted another hit and he said, "Oh No!, Oh No!, Christ No!

  • sedcdude

    I see WCP has a hate affair with Marion.....he's still working living inspite of....interesting!

    @ Rick, yeah that was some good crakk alright, the same crack the dream team Ollie and Bush flooded the streets of inner cities with....let's talk about that!