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‘No Pressure’ On Catoe To Resign, Brown Says


This morning, General Manager John Catoe made his announcement at the WMATA board's executive session at its headquarters. According to At-Large Councilmember and WMATA Board Alternate Michael Brown, everyone in the room was floored by Catoe's annoucement. "Everyone to a person was surprised and shocked," Brown tells LL. "And frankly, just disappointed."

Brown says that usually when an executive resigns, it's the result of some background drama—a resignation is the solution to an intractable problem. But, Brown explains "that wasn't the case here." In fact, Catoe retained full confidence of the board and recently had his contract renewed.

"People like his leadership and his style," Brown says. "We didn't like the accidents obviously. But there was no pressure on him to resign. Not even one person wanted him out."

*reporting by Mike DeBonis.

*photo of Councilmember Brown courtesy of D.C. Council.

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  • Reid

    I sure hope a bunch of bloggers "have a roundtable discussion" with Michael Brown in the near future.

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  • ProudMary

    The Jim "Taxi Cash" AIDS Grift" Graham bribery schemes investigation must be bleeding into Metro. No surprise there. What IS the status of the Ted Loza plea deal?

  • Ward One Resident

    @Proud Mary...according to a report earlier this week in the Post (and I believe re-reported in LLDaily), the plea deal for Ted Loza is no longer available and that there may soon be even more charges pending against him.

  • Kappa1911

    Good riddance.

  • Mike DeBonis

    Tis true; AUSA said in court this week that more Loza charges are on their way.