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Gay Marriage Is Not Fit for Ballot, Judge Rules

Superior Court Judge Judith Macaluso has upheld the city elections board's decision to keep gay marriage off of the ballot.

In a 23-page decision [PDF] granting the Board of Elections and Ethics' motion for summary judgment, Macaluso found that ballot initiatives are indeed subject to the city's Human Right Act, and that the initiative filed by the Stand4Marriage coalition to define marriage as between a man and a woman violates that act.

Additionally, Macaluso addressed whether the landmark 1995 Dean v. District case, which prohibited gay marriages at the time, still applies. The D.C. Council, she writes, "changed the landscape Dean surveyed" and thus "Dean is no longer controlling."

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  • Patrick

    The judge is just simply following the law. It seems conservative anti-gay types only like the law when it is in their favor. Too funny!!!

  • dcav8r

    Funny, I posted a comment on the American Pundits' article, about how the measure would violate the law, etc. That moron deleted the comment. Guess he is too stupid to look it up, even with direct links.

  • Rick Mangus

    Now if the chicken shit DEMOCRATS on the hill do not block it, and they will because they are ALL up for re-election.

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