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Carman on Why D.C. Has So Little Great Ethnic Food


Tim Carman was on Warren Rojas' chat today, and a reader asked him about the difference between D.C. and Virginia's dining scenes. CARMAN:

But the main difference is that NoVa is stuffed with great ethnic eateries: Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and on and on. It's a matter of economics. The lower rents afforded by surburban markets attract the mom 'n' pop shops. I really wish DC could do something to attract more small ethnic restaurants back into the area. I've heard a rumor Chinatown is working on something like that.

He also says that D.C. street food sucks and lists his favorite restaurants in Northern Virginia:

Photograph: Song Ha, Eden Center, 2005. Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Rick Mangus

    Then KEEP your ass in Virginia, there is nothing wrong with the food here.

  • RT

    Yeah, Carman is something of a traitor. He can hardly hold back his contempt of DC, in classic transplant fashion

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  • Kappa1911

    I concur with Rick Mangus comment. What's wrong with American cusine?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Kappa1911' it's not just American cusine but DC has alot of good, no I take that back GREAT restaurants and Tim Carman does not know what he is talking about.

  • downtown rez

    Perhaps if more "Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and on and on" moved to DC, more "Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and on and on" restaurants would open in dc.
    Just a thought.
    Another thought: What's with his focus on the middle and far east?

  • Tony

    Viva la Carmen. Kamsahamida. :0)

  • CaribArab

    What about Caribbean. Have any of you tried a curry chicken roti. It's frukcing unbelievable. I grew up eating this stuff, but man oh man, there is nothing like it, especially trinidadian stuff (it's a fusion of like Jamaican and Indian cooking). It's so flavorful and it's much healthier than a big-mac at Mickey-D's. Caribbean Palace in Takoma Park or D'Roti Shop in Manassas or Caribbean Delight (this ain't that great, but food is ok).

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  • diomedes

    district taco is very, very disappointing

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