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Shelton Pledges “Coalition” to Support Gray Run

Vincent Gray

R. Donahue Peebles has had his say regarding the 2010 mayoral race.

So, now, has the Washington Post.

Which brings up the next question: What does Cardell Shelton have to say about the matter?

Shelton is, of course, the ultimate backyard D.C. politico. He roves around town in a beat-up pickup, with Old Glory jutting up from bunch of junk in back. He is the duly elected representative of advisory neighborhood commission district 8C07. He can rip into Marion S. Barry Jr. like no other person on earth. He sticks up for the rights of small, D.C.-based contractors—masons and carpenters and such.

And here's what this man has to say about the incumbent in this year's mayoral race:

"He's a tarantular dictator."

Whoa, hold on a second, Mr. Shelton. Are you saying that Adrian M. Fenty is, like, a "tyrannical" dictator, as in an all-out dictator, or "tarantular," as in the "large southern European spider once thought to be the cause of tarantism (uncontrollable bodily movement)"?

The latter, claimed Shelton, advancing the argument: "Not only is he a spider, he is the king. He's the new dictator, the emperor of the District of Columbia. No one questions his bidding. He's arrogant, and along with his arrogance, he has a personal persona that the only was it’s going to get done is his way and only his way."

At that point, Shelton drifted off into a somewhat technical discussion on how local tradespeople and craftsmen aren't getting enough jobs on District construction sites, and how Fenty is a big part of the problem. If you've ever interviewed Shelton before, this is the moment when you listen for a few minutes, wait for a tough-to-identify pause in his rant, and steer him back to the original topic.

So, anything else on Vince Gray v. Fenty?

"I think Fenty—he needs to retire, and I, along with a whole community of people, are going to put forth our best efforts this election year to get him out of office and if Vince Gray runs, I along with a whole community that I’m talking to now…we will form a coalition and do all we can to get him out of office. He does not represent the common people. He is too pompous, he is too, he is too arrogant and he is too self-c......"

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  • Truth Hurts

    I been trying to join a coalition to support Gray but keep getting the run around. Where can I sign up? Is it in DC?

  • Jesse Helms

    Mr. Shelton is a riot! I have heard him on WOL late at night on the Moe Better Man Show. Mr. Shelton is in his eighties and he's a native Washingtonian with lot's of history to share.

    Everything Mr. Shelton stated about the light skinned Negro King Fenty is true. King Fenty is an arrogant son of a bitch with a Negro dialect.

    I am not impressed with Vincent Gray either. He's another light skinned Negro with a Negro dialect.


    Jesse, I too enjoy listening to Mr. Cardell Shelton on WOL in the early morning hours as guest on the Moe Better Man show on WOL. I like to hear Mr. Shelton discussed uppity Negroes who think they have arrived. LOL


    P.S. Jesse Helms, I thought you were dead and buried? LOL LOL

  • sedcdude

    Ayy Jesse, what's happenin' U bitch ass racist U?! I too enjoy a good laugh or 2 at the expense of wise ol' Mr Cardell Shelton, but I would enjoy it even more if I could listen to someone discuss uppity, pompous and arrogant CAUCASIANS! Damn,that would be an neverending and everlasting talk show right there in deed! Mr. Shelton 4 mayor!

  • downtown rez

    I've spoken with the man. He's really just wanting more contracts for himself. Sheldon is toothless, literally and figuratively.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    I've never heard of this man before, but if he have told Marion Barry off, I would love to meet him. LOL

  • sedcdude

    @ downtown
    You are senseless you fucking idiot! Maybe you need to lose your teeth and fingers, since you've lost your mind years ago; you don't need them anyway! There's a whole lot more to Mr. Shelton than your whitewashed opinion!

  • Truth Hurts

    Anyone know where to sign up for the Gray coalition? Just asking.

  • downtown rez

    What can I say secdude? He was asking for contracts, but he has the rep of biting the hand that feeds him. Maybe that's how he lost those teeth.
    Either way, it's not my doing. If you care so much, don't put it on me, hire him to fix your house.

  • Kappa1911

    Downtown Rez, what are you so dam evil? You never have anything to say about blacks. Mr. Shelton is a very astute man.

  • Kappa1911

    correction to previous post:

    Downtown Rez, why are you so dam evil? You never have anything to say about blacks. Mr. Shelton is a very astute man.

  • Kappa1911

    Downtown Rez, what are you so dam evil? You never have anything to good say about blacks. Mr. Shelton is a very astute man.

    Please seek some mental health counseling.

  • proballdc

    Fenty will depend on African American registered voters in the District to do what they normally do on election day. STAY HOME. There is no way that he cannot know that those large numbers that voted for him in 2006 have dramatically reduced. Fenty has alienated many of the very people that he depended on to get elected.

    This Administration has been run like a Barnum & Bailey Circus with the mayor as the ring leader.

    On more than one occasion the city has been embarrassed by the antics of both the Mayor and the Council and the Mayor for some reason fed the pettiness rather than finding ways to squash silly squabbles with the Council.

    I have issues with his ethics that began when he stole money from that old man's estate only to return it after being caught and reported to the DC Bar.

    As Gray upset Kathy Patterson, I expect he to will upset an Adrian Fenty who is sure to underestimate his appeal and popularity with District residents.

  • Truth Hurts

    Still nobody found the DC address where I can volunteer for the one city Gray coalition? Ok, I'll go to the Baltimore field office then. What's the address?

  • proballdc

    Truth Hurts, I don't think what you seek exists, as of yet. It is hard to coalesce around a candidate that is not officially a candidate. Folks are not real big on wasting their time these days.