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Our Morning Roundup: Gray Needs To Make Up His Mind!

The Washington Post endorses Gray...vs. Fenty. In an editorial, they write that Chairman Vincent Gray should stop dithering and enter the mayoral race. Fenty deserves a challenger. And Fenty's detractors need to show some guts and run someone for mayor: "It's clear from the money he has raised and the campaign apparatus that he's assembled that Mr. Fenty is ready to be challenged. Isn't it time for his critics to show their mettle?"

What I want to know: Has Gray's very public waffling on the subject hurt him? Has it slowed down legislation as everyone at the Wilson Building waits for Gray to make his decision? And what other local leaders should people be pushing to run? Yesterday's Post story on Gray sure didn't help him. What was he thinking, what were his advisers thinking?

The Washington Teacher gives a thumbs down to Rhee's interview with Anderson Cooper last week [video link]. Blogger writes:

"Just more of the same of Rhee on her soap box with unedited teacher bashing . Many who watched Michelle Rhee on Cooper's Thursday evening show were infuriated about the production of 'What's Next -Education ?' If you were watching, the answer to that question is more of the same. Stay tuned for more firings, more firings and more firings by Chancellor Michelle Rhee."

And Now, Anacostia reports on the opening of Big Chair Coffee. DCist was there too. And so was our resident real estate expert! The shop looks like it sure beats the grocery-store Starbucks.

The Heights Life has the rundown on Columbia Heights' top Netflix rentals. Pretty mainstream! Benjamin Button? WTF. Seven Pounds? Slumdog Millionaire? Not very hipster! Where's the fuckin' mumblecore!?

Frozen Tropics has the agenda for tonight's PSA 102 meeting covering youth violence.

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  • Elissa

    Somebody was up early this morning!

  • Jesse Helms

    Vincent Gray is a true light skinned Negro with straight hair, but he have a Negro dialect. President Obama is not light skinned, he's brown skinned, but he speaks English great without a Negro dialect unless, he chooses to. Obama also have Negro hair. Whites in America have always preferred mulatto Negros like Vincent Gray, Harold Ford, Jr., Adrian M. Fenty, Lena Horne, Colin Powell, Dr. Charles Drew, former D.C. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly.

  • Truth hurts

    Time for Gray to man up, that's what WAPO says. Come on Vince, call their bluff and run. You can win if you just believe.

  • Five to Go

    I agree with Truth hurts, Gray needs to call their bluff.

  • Nikita

    Call my editorial board's bluff, baby. See how the people support you! You know I got your back and CP will follow my lead. Gimmee a call.

  • Dougie Jemal

    I called their bluff and won. You can do it too, Vinny. Run, baby, run.

  • Bereano

    Hey Vince, you take cash?

  • Khanu

    Cash is all I got, man. And the feds took most of it already.

  • ABF2010

    If Vinent Gray does not run then Mayor Adrian Fenty will continue pitting DC residents against one another. Mr. Fenty, in this election year, is about to hire 100 new DC government Term Employees throughout various government agencies from one of his key supporters Mr. Calvin Woodland and Mr. Woodland's unsanctioned non-profit organization. The group is the Calvin Woodland Foundation based in Ward 8. What is interesting and questionable about this group is that the president and founder of this non-profit is Calvin Woodland, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Jim Graham in Ward 1. This is not the first time that this has been done in fact it has been done every year since he has been Mayor. While the premise of this is wonderful, I find it to be very underhanded that you are laying off DC workers and bringing in those loyal to Fenty, those who he knows he controls through the polls. Why is no one looking at this as conflict of interest for Mr. Woodland and Mr. Fenty? These new hires are set to come on board before the end of January...STOP this MADNESS!!!

    The jobs will be come from various DC government agencies; DPW, DPR, DDOE, DDOT, etc. The positions will be entry level and some will be commensurate with experience. They are set-aside positions and some are positions that were frozen due to budget but are being unfrozen for this particular group. None of the positions were announced or will e announced to be competed competitively by the general public.

    This has been done for 3 years so far; this is not new but it has been done undercover as the people in the know are fearful of retribution from Fenty if they speak up. It is always done around an election year of either himself or friends in the Council to garner votes.

    Why is one DC resident more deserving than another. Why unemploy one DC resident to employ another. Did I mention that it cannot be proven that they are all DC residents since many of them utilize the same address, just to get these jobs.

    Mr. Woodland is a "strong" (to say the least) Fenty supporter. Someone needs to look into this shady deal. Where are the Unions and do they know about these deals

    Why, if there are vacancies in DC government and through friends of Fenty in the private sector, then why would the prospective candidates come from those currently receiving Unemployment Insurance as President Obama's stimulus mandate states.

    Most of these new hires from the Calvin Woodland Foundation are ex-offenders and should have gone through the Project Empowerment initiative and yet they did not because of the personal relationship with Mayor Fenty.