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Morning Roundup: The “@gilbertarenas Twitter Account Has Been Disappeared” Edition

Good morning, City Desk.

Big news: Gilbert Arenas' Twitter account has been disappeared! Yesterday, we provided a "Time to Last Tweet" clock (Arenas had made it more than a day and a half). Now, go to his page and you'll get only, "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" Lawyers! His Web site remains intact.

Less big news: It snowed—not a lot, but enough to freak out (get your forecast from the Capital Weather Gang here).

The Washington Examiner got the words "Love Child" on the front page of the paper. Never in a million years would I have predicted the words "love child" and Peter Orszag (as in the director of the Office of Management and Budget) would be uttered in the same sentence. But there you go. Joel Achenbach over at the Washington Post put it this way: "The office of OMB has just become the office of OMG."

Want to read a great police story? It involves a few too many shots of tequila, a lost laptop, a burly cop with dreadlocks and a diamond earring, and a secret hat signal. (For some reason, when I saw the word "Extortionist" in the headline, I read it as "Exhibitionist," so I kept waiting and waiting and waiting to get to the part where someone took his clothes off, and that never happened. But it's still a great police story. I must have had yesterday's naked jogger limerick on the brain.)

Something else to read: a post on City Desk yesterday by Editor Erik Wemple about whether Washington City Paper should delete abusive/offensive/nasty comments. Don't miss the chance, people: Comment!

nopantsOne other thing to think about when you have nothing else to think about: How long is it acceptable to say, "Happy New Year"?

Plans for the weekend? Try the No Pants Metro Ride 2010. Sunday. 3 p.m to 5 p.m. Important instructions:

****The Mission****
Arrive at C Street Park for a brief meeting.
At the designated time / location – remove your pants!
Act completely casual or unknowing that your pants are missing.

Don't miss it!

Photograph from the No Pants Metro Ride Facebook page

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  • Old School

    Read the Post story on Gilbert today. He's lucky he wasn't shot long ago. If he'd grown up where I grew up, that punk would have been shot and killed a long, long time ago.

    Shitting in a man's shoe? Fucking around with a man's car? Like I said, if Gilbert had grown up where I grew up, someone would have popped a cap in his dumb, vacant head a long, long time ago.

    I know two guys who got shot over messing with a man's car. I knew a guy who got knifed for fucking with a man's lunch. The man said, you don't fuck with a man's lunch & stuck the guy.