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Should City Desk Delete Nasty Comments?

Over its nearly four years in existence, City Desk has taken a laissez-faire approach to comments. Whatever you want to say, we pretty much let you. The result of this "policy" is that some pretty nasty and abusive stuff winds up unfurling just below our blog posts.

Witness the following comment in response to a recent post about a controversial mural in Mt. Pleasant.

This is great. We have spics arguing with spics over who's a more racist spic. This is like a frucking comedy- George Lopez is the ony thing that comes to mind. No one MSG and the Latin Queens are always fighting with each other. I hate that fact that you can do it freely in my country instead of chopping each other in coffee fields, yah dumbbasses.

Should the managers of City Desk allow such thoughts to be expressed here? Our staff is divided between slippery-slopers who don't want to dip their toes into the sort of judgments required to moderate the comments and community builders who want careful tending of the City Desk garden.

Any comments?

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  • Truth Hurts

    See Wemple, #98 is the kind of comment most serious responders told CP should be blocked. It started out ok, then transitioned in lines 5-7 to its ad hominum gratuitously profane finale in lines 8-10. Btw, it's spelled censor, not sensor.

  • sedcdude

    EXACTLY just like i thought!! You understood asswipe!!

  • Truth Hurts

    Wemple: Not sure about #101. It's borderline, and asswipe could merit merely a cautionary reminder to the poster. Repeater papers should be reserved for chronic offenders who refuse to be civil.

  • sedcdude

    actually WEMPLE, this recidivist piece of shit TRUTH HURTS needs to be banned for OBSESSIVE panty waste leakage, cry US a river.......