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It’s Been 38 Hours and Four Minutes Since Gilbert Arenas’ Last Tweet

How much longer can the man hold out?

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  • Anonymous

    Guy sure has a lot of guns for someone whose twitter could be from Bobby McFerrin. DON'A WORRY, BE HAPPY!

    "Before you complain about life-think of someone who went too too early to heaven"

    "PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND THINK:YOU'RE ALIVE AND STILL join me in enjoying everyday and smile for the negative people."

    "so the moral of the story is dont take ur self to is better when u enjoy being happy"

  • X marks the spot

    Plaxico, Gilbert and Tiger should all be about "twitted" out. If anyone would have told me that shootin your own self would get you jail time [Plaxico], bringing in unloaded guns into an arena would stir up trouble or better yet making gesture with your hands would have you forfeit over 150k a day in earning [Gilber]...then to say of all the people who had extra-marital affairs with white women i.e., politicians, preachers and entertainers it would take Tiger having 14 affairs with white women being worthy of him to lose multiple contracts worth millions. Yet, this too shall pass. The irony all of them play with balls for a living.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Gilbert's lawyer probably said, "One more tweet & I'm off the case, you twit." & since Gilbert probably forked over at least $100,000 to get his lawyer, who is good lawyer, well ...

    I heard Gilbert's dad came to the area to stay with Gilbert. That should help Gilbert.

  • Rick Mangus

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!