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D.C. Is Continuing to Whiten

New census estimates confirm the continuation of a demographic trend in the majority-black District: It's getting whiter.

The 2010 Census will confirm just how much whiter, but the Washington Post reports today that, between 2000 and 2008, D.C. lost about 27,000 African-American residents while 40,000 whites moved in. The city is now about 54 percent black and 40 percent white—compared to 61 percent black and 34 percent white in 2000. (The black population peaked in 1970 at 71 percent.)

The Asian and Hispanic populations have also grown, to 4 percent and 9 percent, respectively—as has the population of the District as a whole.

When will D.C. shift from being majority black to plurality black? Some have said as early as 2014, others predict 2020.

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  • Isn’t it Obvious?

    Summed up in a word: "gentrification."

  • noodlez


  • downtown rez

    Hooray for diversity!

  • Taye

    Yep, this is a trend happening nation wide. .Atlanta is now 53% African American. Looks like this kind of shift happens every 30 to 40 years........


    Where are the black people going? According to the U.S. Census, whites will be the miniority in the USA by 2050 to to the increase of illegal immigration and Hispanic women having millions of babies.

    I am not going to worry about this foolishness, because I will be dead by 2050. Diversity has caused confusion and political correctness.

  • Big Bald-headed baby


    i'm very happy about diversity no matter which way it happens. the atmosphere of the city continues to get better every day. northeast and far southeast are still third world developments though.

    i'm very proud of what our fellow bald-headed mayor is doing for the community. maybe one day soon, that bald-headed mayor will be a little bit "lighter."

  • proballdc

    Diversity is nothing new. It has been with us forever, it just didn't have a "title". I don't mind living among those who don't mind living around me. It is a moot point.

  • X marks the spot

    Don't get it twisted...there's a difference between diversity and diversion. It still will not change anything because it may look white...but it will act black.

  • Q!

    LOL at all the comments. #1 and #2 are by far the best in explanation of the phenomenon. DC is not as affordable as it used to be. The majority of the "Black" population are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Washingtonians who have drawn their line in the sand and are not moving. 1st Gen Black folk will be harder to come by because in all the "diversity", DC is now catering to SINKs, DINKs, and other non-family units. Add to that, the Bag Bill, High Cost of Parking, Marriage Equity, and a decrease in certain city services and in about 10-15 years there will be no Black majority. The older generations would have died off by then.

    I'm not going to bash Fenty here, but "Big Bald-headed baby" this phenomenon is NOT a Fenty idea. If anything, Fenty stole it from other municipalities and created a hodge-podge of hits and misses. The catalyst to all of this began during Anthony William's Administration.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    You know about "The Plan" Q! You, too, D Rez. C'mon people, let's be honest. "The Plan" is working. White people are pushing black people out of the District - that's "The Plan".

    Rich capitalist developers came up with "The Plan". DC government officials were bought & sold on "The Plan".

    Black people are being pushed east, to PG County, so rich white developers can make lots of money buying houses from black people for $35,000, then putting in condos & selling the property for millions of dollars.

    My earlier comment about "The Plan" was censored. "The Plan" is too incendiary for anyone to admit that it exists, even CP. Only communists will tell you the truth.

  • downtown rez

    Oh, right, "The Plan".
    By the way, if anyone wants to sell me their home for $35K, please let me know. I'm in the market for a 4+ BR, 3.5 bath with a nice deep porch and off-street parking.

  • Q!

    Al, I don't dispute "The Plan" I just don't agree that Mayor Fenty or the City Council are smart enough to carry it out...or anticipate the BACKLASH from it. We all know that some calculated injections of crime in Columbia Heights, Petworth, etc., and more econmomic downturn to stifle this plan. Pushing all the City's nightlife to U Street, Penn Quarter, Dupont Circle, Gallery Place, etc. and increasing the parking enforcement fees...NOT A GOOD IDEA, as even the transient "White" folk who visit will balk and go elsewhere.

    That leaves what they are doing for the citizens. Closing the local branches of libraries on Sundays...NOT A GOOD IDEA. Especially when the claim is that DC's literacy rate for folks around the poverty line is high. Non-Black people like to read too and have a sense of community. Penalizing the entire city under the guise that the Anacostia is dirty because of Plastic Bags...NOT A GOOD IDEA. Even an 8 year old can see through Dept of the Environment's and DC Goverment's ploy.

    Al, "The Plan" unfortunately is not one for longterm gain. It is one for quick returns off the backs of the people. If/when Poplar Point is built up, Anacostia, the trolley is operational, and the last condo building is built, DC WILL have all the looks of a diversified city. But underneath it will be empty, hollow, and lacking the character of the citizens who supported it through the years, good or know, the TAX BASE.

  • Q!

    Hey, I'll raise downtown rez's offer. I'm willing to pay $36,999.99 LOL!

  • David Duke

    Hot diggity dog! Ah am movin' to DC ASAP! but only if CP censors comments. Thanks, y'all!