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Gilbert Arenas Releases Statement

Gilbert Arenas just released a statement to the press:

“I feel very badly that my actions have caused the NBA to suspend me, but I understand why the league took this action. I put the NBA in a negative light and let down my teammates and our fans.  I am very sorry for doing that.

While I never intended any harm or disrespect to the NBA or anyone else, my gun possession at the Verizon Center and my attempts at humor showed terrible judgment.  I take full responsibility for my conduct.

Earlier today, I called Commissioner Stern to apologize, and I hope we will be able to talk soon. I look forward to the day I can return to basketball.  In the meantime, I will focus on dealing responsibly with this serious situation and I will continue to cooperate fully with the investigations by law enforcement and NBA authorities.”

This sounds sincere to me.

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  • sigmund freud

    Why then if so serious did WJLA just report that he cocked his fingers in the shape of a gun while on the court last night -- he's only sorry that he got suspended. I hope he is criminally charged and the Wizards use his morals clasue in his contract to kick him to the curb.

  • Brandon Green

    Any chance Gilbert's conversation with Stern will make it to YouTube?

  • jf1

    "While I never intended any harm or disrespect to the NBA or anyone else, my gun possession at the Verizon Center and my attempts at humor showed terrible judgment. I take full responsibility for my conduct." he's being a big fat pussy.

    If he really meant this, then he should just say, "look, it was just a joke, my teammates fully understood that it was a joke, we were all just having fun at the situation, and if you want to suspend me for making a joke with my teammates, fine".

    He needs to stand up for himself one way or the other. If he thinks that Stern is right, then say it, but if he's out there on the court doing things that he thinks are wrong afterwards, then he's got real problems and that has nothing to do with handguns. It's just a man who has no faith in himself anymore.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Gilbert aka "VISA" was posting here earlier. I said he was an idiot before I saw the pic on the front page of the Wash Post sports section. Now, I think he may win the Idiot of the Year 2010.

    I've worked in law offices for 20 years. I worked as a public defender for two years. I know prosecutors. I know lawyers & law offices. First thing this morning several people put that front page on the prosecutor's desk.

    Gilbert is such a bush league clown he doesn't even know this - you do NOT taunt the Man when the Man has your nuts in his fist.

    Gilbert is fucked. He'll lose $150,000 a game for the next few months. He'll have to do at least a year in prison on a felony rap.

    I hope Gilbert's friends & family will pull an intervention & get him some psychiatric help. He is a danger to himself - it'd be no surprise if he blew his brains out tonight, or the first time he runs out of money.

    The guy is sick - sick in the head. He needs help.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    This statement "sounds sincere"? Are you joking? His lawyer wrote it. Yeah, the lawyer is sincere, & should be, at $800 per hour.

    Meanwhile, Gilbert will be texting some more of his idiocy soon. He can't help himself.

    Then you have his enablers, like people who support him here. This is DC, morons - b/c of the attitude of people like you & like Gilbert we have hundreds of murders every year.

    Guns are not funny. I like guns, but I have enough sense to know that guns are dangerous. Gilbert & the clowns who post here have no sense at all.

    But, yeah - Gilbert is a good person b/c he has some black leaders tattooed on his leg. & he tosses a few thousand bucks to poor people now & then. Right.

    People today wouldn't know a real, bona fide black leader if he punched them in the kisser.

    MLK - black leader. Muhammed Ali - black leader. Gilbert & Tiger & Michael Jordan - black entertainers, shucking & jiving for the white man.

    Gilbert is an idiot, & he's rotten to the core. Put him in prison, throw away the key, & once he's learned he has no sense of humor, wait a while, then start looking for the key - in 2014.

  • Truth hurts

    Gilbert was stupid. And he'll pay bigtime for acting stupid. It's all very saddening. I don't believe he's a bad person and I hope he grows up before it's too late.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Arenas is clueless: "If I really did something wrong, I would feel remorse in what I did, but I didn't do anything," he said. "You can slander me, or whatever, it doesn't matter. I'm still alive. I'm playing basketball. I'll take all the hits right now. The truth is there; there is no point in getting angry and mad."

    This week Arenas was asked about Stern. His response: "He's mean."

    The guy at the Huff Post wants Sarah Palin to take up Gilbert's cause. I think he's joking.

    I don't think Gilbert's a bad person. But taunting the prosecutors, saying that about David Stern ... wow, incredibly not bright.

    & now he's not playing basketball, & won't for a long time. No money, no paycheck. You know how he blows his money - man, the future looks bad for Gilbert. I hope his family & friends pull an intervention - ASAP.

    It's a sad, sad situation.

    Anyway, I have more important issues to write about. Today the NY Times reported that over 50% of students in public schools in the South are poor. Also, over 50% are minorities.

    This is Reaganism. This is why we need communism. This is why we need a 100% tax on private school tuition.

  • downtown rez

    Obviously his atty wrote it. Too bad he didn't write it two weeks ago.
    Expanding to dangerous territory, why on earth do we or a major sports team want to support a role model that makes a "joke" of the #1 cause of death of young black (like him!) males?
    Honestly, it's sick. Like terminal.

  • Truth hurts

    DRez, where you been?

  • downtown rez

    Working, time with family...
    Living the good life. :)

  • Truth hurts

    great. me too. happy new year.

  • downtown rez

    Best New Year's wishes to you, TH.

  • sigmund freud

    Maybe Tiger will hook Agent Zero up with some of his hos to pass all his newfound frree time.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Gilbert will never again play for the Wizards. It was an $80 million bone-headed mistake.

    The facts that Gilbert instigated this incident, that he learned [up to now] nothing from the incident, that the teammate Gilbert was taunting pulled out his own gun, loaded it, & chambered a round, & the fact that Gilbert has a previous conviction on a gun charge in California all lead to the conclusion that Gilbert will have to do some time on this, probably one to 1.5 years at a minimum.

    Gilbert sounds like a prick. Having the so-called team leader repeatedly taunting one of the scrubs leaves me with little or no sympathy for Gilbert. Apparently most people in Washington are in a similar place - of about 3150 votes in a Post poll, 87% of the respondents approved of the suspension.

    Maybe, just maybe, if the NBA suspends Gilbert for at least one year, if the Wizards cancel his contract under the morals clause, & if the prosecutors here put Gilbert in prison for at least a year, maybe just maybe some kids will learn that guns are not funny.

    I like guns. I've always owned guns [legally, I keep my guns out of the District]. I own four guns now.

    When I went to college & met some clowns who played with guns, I walked away as fast as I could & never went around those idiots again. Gilbert is lucky that Crittendon didn't shoot his dumb ass right there in the locker room.

    If guns & alcohol don't mix, well, guns & joking around mix even worse. Gilbert is lucky to be alive today. I hope he gets some serious psychiatric help before he ends up bankrupt & homeless, or, worse, dead.

  • Typical DC BS

    Comrade Al, you make some great points when it comes to guns. Having grown up around them, I learned early that you don't play with them (only time I got hit by a relative was when I swung a shotgun (unloaded) around carelessly while stepping over a barbed wire fence).

    Was also taught that you NEVER want to be around ANYONE who is drinking and has a gun out. You immediately flee a situation like that.

    Too bad Gilbert was never taught about gun safety. Must have watched too many movies.

  • downtown rez

    Does anyone beside me find Crittendon's alleged behavior potentially even more troubling?
    As an aside, couldn't they have just compared the size of their dicks and been done with it?

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Good point, Typical - Gilbert probably never learned about gun safety. The movies are the worst source, they're like "what not to do" videos.

    The NRA or someone should have gun safety lessons easily available for young city kids who have no opportunity to learn about gun safety [the rest of this is not about Gilbert, for all I know he grew up in Beverly Hills]. Definitely, if anyone is drinking [or doing any other drug] & pulls out a gun, split, ASAP. Or if someone pulls one out for no reason, leave - even that, "here look at my gun" thing is dangerous. Even being around an inexperienced person cleaning a gun is dangerous.

    Your story about being cuffed by a relative brought back an old memory - same situation, crossing over a barb wire fence, leaned my gun against the fence post & my dad cuffed me in about ... .001 seconds. He was a combat infantryman in WWII - & lived. Quick, smart reactions... Anyway, thanks for bringing back a good memory.

  • joan

    DC's new regulations for handgun ownership requires firearms safety training. If Congress has its way and repeals DC's gun laws, then Arenas, et al will be able to flail around handguns at will.