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Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Dan Tangherlini

"Optimism without data is really just an emotion."

—City Administrator Dan Tangherlini, Feb. 19

All of Fenty's interpersonal difficulties found a great salve in the person of Tangherlini, the mayor’s behind-the-scenes dynamo. The bearded budget-and-policy whiz, a veteran of top management jobs at the city transportation department and Metro, spun the cogs of District government at RPMs they’d never seen. His team of young bright-eyed analysts, armed with spreadsheets, budget books, and CapStats, pushed agencies to fulfill Fenty's do-it-now style of governance. LL never saw it better than when he was allowed to sit in with budget whiz Will Singer and Tangherlini for a short while as they prepped the 2010 budget with agency officials. When one agency head expressed some less-than-well-founded confidence that revenues might increase, Tangherlini uttered the bon mot above. Not so long after managing the presidential inauguration miracle, Tango took a job—and a hefty pay cut—at the Obama treasury department.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Obama is just like Bush - he appoints incompetent people to jobs, then rewards failure. Tangherlini is just another in a long line of incompetent officials Obama & Bush have given us - Napolitano, McChrystal, Geithner, Bernacke, Brownie, Rummy, & dozens of others.

    It's the American Way - fail at your job, get praised & promoted. You fucking idiotic sheep are getting just what you deserve; a daily butt fuck at the hands of your "public officials".

  • Read Scott Martin

    Comrade - did you even read this post? taking a paycut to flee Fenty is a uh reward? who and what on earth are you talking about?

  • Pablo

    'Tis a mighty quote and very true.

  • DC Denizen

    DanTan is da' man!

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