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Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – DC’s New Parking Rules “Completely Suck”

Cappuccino photo by Jazzbobrown, Creative Commons Attribution License

Cappuccino photo by Jazzbobrown, Creative Commons Attribution License

I was just loafing when this popped into my inbox: The District Department of Transportation is doing away with one of the city's sweetest freebies: Saturday parking. Starting soon, drivers will have to feed the meters on Saturdays, just like they do Monday through Friday. The rate for primo spots in parking-challenged neighborhoods is also going up to $2 an hour. So forget about budget loafing at Mid City Caffe or  Sova unless you can get there – lugging your laptop – without a car.

Not quite yet, though. The new rules were supposed to begin Saturday. Since the Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock reported the news this morning, however, District Transportation officials have apparently pushed back the start day from Jan. 2 to sometime in mid January, according to this story by NBC's Washington station.

Either way, Monica G. pretty much summed things up when she forwarded the news to the Petworth listserv with the following comments: "This completely sucks! This is horrible!"

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  • ronda

    god, wemple, get rid of this feature! what is this supposed to be? make it stop.

  • d

    you live in a fucking city for christ sakes. Get out of the car and take metro. Better yet, move to Arlington.

  • Fred Freedom

    Boo hoo hoo! I want free parking! I want free Wi-Fi! Because I'm an urban hipster and paying for things is for losers. Boo hoo!

  • yo

    If you don't live close enough to Sova or Mid-City Cafe to get there by walking, then you aren't cool enough to be there.

  • Cavan

    There is a fee for the parking because it is costly to maintain the street. Parking is never free. It is always expensive. "Free" parking is merely parking whose high costs have been shifted somewhere else. Usually that somewhere else is paid by people who don't ever use the parking spot, or even more ironically, don't own cars.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Parking is free on Saturdays & Sundays in most major cities throughout the world. The retarded douche bags who posted above are typical for DC.

  • EdTheRed

    Parking isn't free,
    It costs folks like you and me,
    And if we don't chip in,
    We'll never pay the bill.
    Parking isn't free,
    No there's a hefty f*ckin' fee,
    And if you don't throw in your buck-o-five,
    Who will?

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Fucking unenlightened unreconstructed assholes. Parking fees are a tax on the poor & lower middle class.

    Try taxing rich people for a fucking change, you medieval cocksuckers. But don't hold your breath, b/c in modern America rich people pay no taxes.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    The comments here show DC is just a shitty southern town. A bigger bunch of ignorant racist punks cannot be found anywhere north of Richmond VA except right here in Wash DC.

    You get what you deserve. DC deserves to remain a shitty southern town peopled by ignorant racist punks - 99% of the white people here - & ignorant beaten down poor people - 80% of the black people here.

    Good luck you worthless bastards. I laugh my ass off every day at how fucking stupid & unevolved you are.

  • cminus

    Angry Al, speaking as a former poor person, I never owned a car to pay parking fees on. Cars are expensive! I took slow and crowded buses with lots of other poor people, while large areas of high-demand public space were given out to people much better off than I was with no recompense to me.

    You want to make life better for actual poor and working class people, instead of people who think they're poor and working class because their lives don't look like the media's concept of a "middle class" family that lives in a million-dollar home? Improve bus service. Right now, we make actual poor people give up large chunks of their day waiting for minimal public transportation, time they could spend either doing paid work or having a life apart from work.

    If increased parking fees go to improve public transportation -- which is the plan; we'll see if it survives its encounter with reality -- then on net they'll help the poor and working class.

  • ED

    Maybe we should tax the rich people... Like by starting to charge the people that drive into the city on Saturday's to get their cups of coffee at hip expensive coffee houses.

  • Angry Al Gonzales

    Lots of poor people own cars - you just don't know any poor people period. Yes, make the buses free, just like in cities in Europe that are run by the Left.

    Taxing rich people is simple. Just put a 90% tax on incomes above $100,000, as was done from 1933-1982.

    But thanks again for showing how ignorant & stupid people from DC are. Thanks.

  • cminus

    Lots of poor people own cars.

    Yeah, lots of poor people own cars -- this is America and we have a whole lot of poor people, so a lot of poor people (in absolute terms) do own cars even though poor people are far less likely (in relative terms) to own cars than anyone else.

    Check out car ownership by ward. Three wards stand out for their low rates of car ownership: Wards 1, 2... and 8. Your "spoiled white rich urban hipster douche" theory of carlessness might work for the first two (although describing Ward 1 as "spoiled white rich urban hipster douche" territory requires you to ignore that despite the view from Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights the ward is majority non-white and working class), but kind of falls down for the third. At the far opposite end, a huge outlier from everywhere else in the city, with spectacular rates of car ownership, are the beaten-down proletariat of... Ward 3.

  • ibc

    "But thanks again for showing how ignorant & stupid people from DC are. Thanks."

    Oh! you angry little douchebags and your tantrums! So entertaining!

    Anyway, pay your $2/hr, walk a little further, or stay in whatever godforsaken exurban hell-hole your forced to bed down in...

    Happy New Year!

  • Taye

    DC relies heavily on commuters and tourist/visitors. Revenue will drop as a result of this imposition of meter fees on Saturdays all day up until 10 p.m. This (DC) is not NYC where public transit works for the public....

  • just want it easy

    Hey -- I'm from the MD and I don't mind paying some fees for parking in DC. I can't afford garage parking though for entertainment. What if I want to go to a movie and a bar -- that lasts more than two hours. The garage parking would cost more than the movie ticket and that is ridiculous. What if I want to go to a Folger event --there isn't anything but street parking there. Am I supposed to try to repark the car during the intermission? I doubt this is good for theater or restaurants in a recession.

  • Rob

    I have now lived in DC for about 4 months and I have to say, this city really has things backwards. The more chances I have to get out into this place the more I see how the city is run and I don't know how it got so out of control. Just as a small example, there is an entire city block that has been undergoing road maintenance since I moved here, and NOTHING has truly been accomplished. This is a heavily residential zone. People (like myself) need street parking! If you think that the parking fee hike is bad, step out and really open your eyes. It's a lot worse when you actually look around...