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Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Barack Obama

First in a weeklong series

"[T]his takes on a partisan flavor, and, you know, right now I think our legislative agenda’s chock-full. I would like to explore how quickly we can get it done."

—President Barack Obama, Jan. 15

Right there you have Obama's position on voting rights for the District of Columbia, as articulated in a January sitdown with the Washington Post—in particular, the bill that aimed to hand the District a seat in the House of Representatives along with an extra one for Utah. But "how quickly we can get it done" was an interesting piece of verbiage. That's because “we” implies some degree of teamwork. Yet by most accounts, Obama did little to press congressional leaders to move the bill through, even after it was stalled by a poisonous gun amendment. To complement his terrible record on substance, Obama has an uneven record on the symbolic stuff. Though he’s done plenty of photo-ops around town, he refused to place a "Taxation Without Representation" license plate on his official limousine.

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  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Howard Dean in 2012. Obama lied about Iraq, lied about the public option, lied about letting people behind on their mortgages use bankruptcy courts to modify the mortgage, lied about Telecom immunity, lied about appointing the Goldman-Sachs/Citibank team to all important financial posts, etc. - Obama lied about virtually every issue in his campaign.

    If Mike DeBonis were a man instead of a Drudge-wannabe, he'd list all of Obama's lies. Instead, DeBonis will probably tweet some bullshit to his twit friends.

    The public's disapproval of Obama is at historically high levels for this stage of a president's term. This is largely due to the fact that Obama has alienated the Left, who were his first & strongest supporters.

    No one to the left of Ben Nelson will support Obama in 2012. The lying bastard will be defeated in the primaries by Howard Dean, a true man of the Left.

    Howard Dean in 2012.

  • The Truth

    Looks like our resident communist is a big fan of Hitler's "Big Lie" strategy!

  • Rick Mangus

    So much for "Tansparent Administration".

  • Wassup

    Hey Big Al, that is until they gang up on Dean like they did in 03. McAuliffe, Eamanuel, they all sabotaged Dean and first we got Kerry and now this. I am beginning to think that the only leverage progressives will have in 2012 is to influenece the republican primary.

    I keep hoping it is just Obama's naivete, that he can't believe people don't share his vision of the common good and can be so devious in persuing self serving agendas.
    I keep hoping he will wake up one day but each day it looks more unlikely.

    I fear my Hawaian republican friend may be having the last laugh. She always said that I was deceiving myself if I believed a graduate of Punahou (Obama's ultra exclusive prep school) would be anything other then a servant of the oligarchy.

    FYI Al - your post about Quinn the other day was a little off - Quinn was never so much known for the quality of her work, very sloppy, much too aggressive, none too hygienic, but rather the absoluteness of her open door policy - Friday nights as Happy Hours (although they weren't called that then) wound down around town and most nights at bar closing it was really come one, come all! Keep in mind she got her start serving in barracks. There was nothing glamourous about her operation, it was kind of tacky, dark, dank and sticky rather like a third rate glory hole. Gay bathhouses were a step up.

  • Tom

    During the campaign wasn't Obama was opposed to the public option

  • KCinDC

    No, Tom, he was opposed to the mandate.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    What do you all want from the man. He's made hard decisions grounded in a lot of deliberation unlike his predecessor Bush who got us in the royal fuck fest we're in. I never supported the War in Iraq and am disappointed that we have to continue, but what's the alternative? Let's let a bombed out country with no real government and see how long they last?
    It's not Obama who fucked us on the Public Options, it's the spineless Democratic Senate, who are too cowardly to real fight for this.
    Why does the mortgage crisis even exist? And if it wasn't for Obama, we'd be a lot worse- can you imagine Palin handling this shit.

    He's not a saint. He's a politician. He got elected because he's resourceful, intelligent, and willing to compromise. We've had too many years of Bushism in this country to not appreciate this. What do you all prefer, a "war-tme" president that shoots first and never asks questions. Get real.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    Obama has lied even more than Bush. Obama campaigned on the public option with no mandate - since Obama did nothing during the Congressional debates, we have a mandate but no public option.

    Let me guess ... who benefits? Oh, the insurance companies, since people will be forced to buy insurance but have no government program. That's why insurance stocks have skyrocketed.

    Obama lied on withdrawing from Iraq, lied on letting people use the bankruptcy courts to modify their mortgages, lied on the Telecom immunity bill, lied about virtually everything.

    Howard Dean in 2012.

    & thanks for the info on Sally Quinn. Quelle interesante.

  • Wassup

    Comrade Al wrote; & thanks for the info on Sally Quinn. Quelle interesante.

    Imagine a lot of scotch and cigarette smoke, apparently there was a custom to leave restaurant leftovers in the fridge and cartons of Luckys on the kitchen table. My uncle knew that score.

    Also various other skanks would from time to time be towed in by enthusiasts from watering holes around town.

    By the 70s the whole act was more then a little bit shop worn. Voila! Its a journalist!

    The Wikipedia entry is really a tour de force of reinvention. The whole cloth reinvention thing is what is so interesting, morbidly interesting like watching a train wreck. Kitty Kelley should really do the book on this.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    "Obama has lied even more than Bush"

    Comrade- what fucking planet are your living on. Everything you're gripping about is a direct result of Bush and his propoganda machine (Fundamental Christianity). We've involved in this stupid baseless war, our economy is in shambles, our health care system is screwed up because of the retard we had as President for the 8 years before Obama. Get real you fucking tard ass.

  • ben

    To borrow from Louis CK, I have to stop, because it took my whole body to hate this guy...

    Al Gonzales, you are a fool. We all can see it. Don't flaunt it so, don't worry. We can see. Fool. You.

    I can't believe I wasted 30 seconds, but you are SUCH a fool.

  • Comrade Al Gonzales

    So the illiterate retards who cannot even write one sentence are mumbling more bullshit? That's no surprise.

    Obama's lies are his own. Bush's lies are a different category. Any honest person on the Left will say that Obama has ditched every policy he campaigned on. His presidency is being run by Rahm Emmanuel & the Goldman Sachs / Citibank team.

    Obama will be a one-term president. His support is weak today, & will only weaken further over time.

    As for the intelligent people here, e.g. wassup, thanks again for the info. Where is Kitty Kelly when we heed her? A book on the Adventures of Sally Quinn would be a bestseller for sure.

  • noodlez