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District Limerick: Roland Burris Can Rhyme, Too!

We're all at the end of our snow-pe [Ed. note: Yes, that's snow+rope]
And yes, this is out of my scope
It sure ain't my meter
But what gift is sweeter
Than couplets of health reform hope

The end of his term starts to loom
And so I can only assume
Those rhymes that he stretched
Are soon-to-be etched
All over his really huge tomb

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  • Mikey P

    You just couldn't resist, could you, DL? Think this is the work of some bemused senate staffer or has Burris finally found one thing in common with Orrin Hatch?

  • Hannah Neprash

    Mikey P, you know me too well. And who am I to question the provenance of a rhyming gift horse such as this...

  • Randy N.

    Hey, DL, we need one more stanza on this one. Did you know that Roland's kids are named Roland II and Rolanda? (see There has to be another limerick based on that. I remeber listening to the poem on the radio and wondering if we would be treated with a limerick on this subject. Way to come through!